Sunday, February 8, 2015

I'm glad it's over..:)

At the Visitor's Center with the *** Family!
Well this week, well, its been long. It was an absolutely great week! but been very very tiring. 3 exchanges, 2 zone conferences, car wreck, waking up at 5... the list can go on. First things first, yes I did get in an accident. And before you all Freak out, no it was no bad, just a little fender bender. Picture is posted below. it was at the end of p-day and we were on our way home, and we stopped at a light because it turned red, and it then 2 seconds later we get rear-ended. Probably a distracted driver, so we pulled of the main road, he just left the scene.  So it was a hit and run. the next day we had to drive around for a bit, to drop the accident report, go to the car shop and have pictures taken to get, the bumper fixed, so there went our Tuesday morning, and then That night we went to the visitor center with the *** family. It was an amazing trip. And we set a date for all the of them for the 15th of Feb! It was great and I just love the visitor center. It was just amazing and They all loved it!
Wednesday, well it was great, we had zone conference and the theme this time was becoming a more consecrated missionary. It hit me how much more I need to do to become fully consecrated. It really takes everything, and so there are lots of things I'm going to be doing differently. Mostly just keeping all my mind focused on the now, not the future or the past or the things going on in the world, but In the NOW, This time, and focus on the things that need to get done in our area and zone and life. After zone conference we did a quick exchange with some elders and it was fun, other than the fact that he didn't speak any Spanish so he was pretty board, but it was fun anyways.
Then so Wednesday and Thursday we got up at 5 am. because zone conferences start at 8 and it takes a good 1 hour to get to the building, and then we got assigned to help out with some things on Thursday so we got 2 conferences. A fun new tradition that we started this transfer is that we sang the EFY medley. It was awesome!

Friday we did another exchange and it was fun, we got to roam around downtown. and we got rained on big time. It was fun, and we got soaked. Then we got 2 dinners by accident. But tis all good. then at night, the tradition in the apartment is that you take a night shower with the lights off the bathroom and then downtown is super close and you just have the lights from all the of the buildings light the room. It was super funny but nice. It was really relaxing.
The lights of downtown from our window!

Saturday we did another exchange and it went alright, but it was just slow and we were both extremely tired. So nothing much happened there. we also got 2 full dinners by accident. the Bolitho's gave us dinner and it was super cool and then we taught the word of wisdom. Nothing much happened.
Downtown from our window daylight hours!


Sunday, we almost had no investigators come to church, but the *** came really late. but they came in dresses and they rode their bikes all the way here. Its great that they have that desire to come. And then right after church we went all the way to Hollywood to do some baptismal interviews (my first ones) it was a family, and they are super awesome and their date was for later this month, then the missionaries told them that they are ready and they the decided to get baptized this week, so we quickly had to do the interviews and they are solid as a rock. I interviewed the teenagers and they were super knowledgeable and It was great.

So basically I'm super tired and Want to go sleep, but that is not going to happen ever. we have MLC tomorrow and we have to plan another ZTM this week! it just never ends. I hope we get a little time this afternoon to relax a little.

I love you all! Hope you have a great week and Have a great month of Charity :) after all it is the month of love.



Elder Hollingshead
The Fender Bender:(