Monday, November 25, 2013

Hello Everyone!

Hey so yeah this week has been pretty great. COLD! Yeah it rained a little bit this last week, but mostly got colder. I Thought Arizona was a desert. Yeah it’s a desert here. Hardly any rain. Just humid and cold. Most of the rain was just enough to get the streets wet and make it miserable to ride a bike. I think I wore my jacket all day for a couple of days. If there is anything I do want it’s a blanket. Our Apartment has a couple of windows that don’t close, at all! so that’s cold, on top of that our heater doesn’t work. sooo.... let’s just say 2 sheets on top of me and wearing a jacket and socks just aren’t cutting it anymore. IT just cold. During the day its fine with my jacket it’s usually in the upper 60s and night it’s just humid. Owell. We’ve been trying to contact our referrals from English class or just referrals in general but either the address is missing the apt# or the apartment complex is locked up. My companion has something against calling cause he says it’s easier to refuse an appointment over phone. Which is true, but if you still haven’t been able to contact in a week you need to call so that’s on our list of things to do tonight. But one of the referrals just randomly called the zone leaders and said he wanted to learn more about the bible so we went and taught the restoration. The only problem was that he lives in the back of a computer repair shop; literally his room is like 5 2x4s with drywall slapped on the side. So it was really loud and hard to feel the spirit. He’s a super awesome guy though, so we are just going to have to figure out a place we can go and teach instead. 

I hope there was nothing in the package that needs to be taken out or eaten quickly. I probably should have told you, but Mail day is Friday after district meeting. so that’s then only time I get mail, and also this last week we had zone conference so mail day was Wednesday. So yeah it’s going to be a week and a half. Owell. Yeah Zone conference. Was good, but super long. I don’t think I’ve been to a meeting with president that did not go over time by at least 20 mins. The conference was supposed to be 8-1 we didn’t get out of there till 2:30 cause we had to get mail, but still way too long. The meeting was great talked a lot about making better use of our time and how Elder Ballard thinks a good # of contacts is 20 a day. Let’s just say me and elder marin are not even close to that. So were trying to do better on that. He did get one Christmas CD to start the season off. and thanks for sending the CDs I’m excited. It’s so Weird to think that its Christmas time. Thanksgiving came way too fast. IT does not seem like it’s been 3 months already and I just hope I don’t get transferred. Transfers are a week early on the 18th. So yeah it’s going to be a shorter transfer.

Man are we going to get fed a lot this week. Saturday was the ward party and lots of food was there and they also gave a to go box, that I filled with lots of food. Sunday We had lunch with a family in the ward and there were 8 missionaries there, and also a bunch of other people. Lots of food, and it was super good food. Then we also had dinner later that night with a less active. Today we have dinner with a member who makes awesome food. Thursday we have A Thanksgiving dinner with another Family. So yeah lots of food.

Well I love you all. I hope you have a Wonderfully Awesome Thanksgiving! Is the ward going to do the usual Party the night before with the deep pit turkeys? Send me some pics of the family. And enjoy the food! Tell everyone I love them and can’t wait till Christmas to talk to them! I hope as we go into this Christmas season we will all remember the True Meaning of The Season. Have Fun Decorating the house. I will tell you that I’m going to miss sharing this time of the year with all of you. You don’t realize how much you will miss it until it comes. Thanks for all your love and support, and always remember to pray. I love and Pray for you all the time. Have a Great WEEK! I hope Grandmas house get finished finally and she is enjoying being at home again. Send her my Love.


Elder Hollingshead.

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