Monday, October 13, 2014

Hola Todos!

Hola Todos!
Well this week has been BUSY!!!!! First off, transfers are this week and......IM STAYING!!!!! and my comp is staying also! So that was good to hear, because I really like him, he’s super cool. but the new big news is that I’m District leader here now...... that one took me by surprise. but I guess it’s what the lord wants, because that’s how transfers are done. Anyways so this last weekend was great. Lots of good things happened. Well first off, we got 2 new baptismal dates. and these people are awesome. One of them was a self referral. It’s an amazing story. It’s weird this area has its good weeks and then a bad one, then some even better weeks then a slow one, but every time we have a good week there are just miracles after miracles. and just like another missionary said not too long ago here. A miracle is a direct consequence of obedience to the laws of GOD. and its sooooo true! anyways so ***. She is super awesome. So she was diving down the road and saw two missionaries and stopped in the middle of the road and then gave them her info and told them she wanted to be taught. So we got the info that night and passed by then next night. It was great! She is extremely prepared and the funny thing is that same day we had training in zone training meeting about setting baptismal dates. So that afternoon we set a baptismal date with Her! She is so awesome. Every single question she had, the restoration had the answer. As my comp said as she started talking. She was really"screaming the restoration" which was true. We stopped by the next day and she was thinking about the message and she said she was thinking and feeling peace she hadn't felt in years. Also we got a new investigator a week or so ago. We also set a baptismal date with her. She is super humble and loving and really wants the best. She really likes to learn and always smiles when we are there! Her name is ***. Then we taught *** and *** then area also awesome. We shared half of the plan of salvation and then focused on families after. She was super excited and loved the fact that we lived with god before. she was like "wow this makes so much more sense, it makes me feel so much more important" she loves it and the more we visit them the more they want to meet with us and learn. Again they are humble. and all the cool people we teach are humble. It is something I have learned here on the mission the importance of being humble. Now I will not say I’m perfect at it. but I do know its role and importance in the gospel. The *** family is doing good. They are super ready we finished teaching the commandments and they took everything just fine. They actually asked about tithing and then we explained it. They are so fun and then they invited us for dinner on Saturday so we had a great fun carne asada this last weekend. but we had to push the date to the 26, so that is sad but I’m 99.99% sure they will get baptized and then also that the whole family will be ready by that time. The kids are super cool. and the youngest will turn 8 on the 26th so hopefully she will be baptized too. So yeah. Everything will go good with them. 
so yeah. It was weird, my trainer is leaving the mission also elder tramel and elder roberts who was my day one companion. It’s so weird, but I guess that’s always what happens in the mission always new ones coming in and old ones going out. but anyways. I hope everything is going well with you all. I hope you all have a great week. Time passes fast, that’s all I know, Next thing we know it will be Christmas but yeah. I love you all I hope you all count your blessings and really see all the miracles that happen in your lives because there are always some, maybe not big nor life changing but Small little acts that let you all know that God is there and He loves us all, and has a specific plan for us all. I hope you all Have a great and wonderful Blessed week!
Elder Hollingshead.

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