Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week of Miracles!


WOW this week has been Amazing! lots of cool things happened with our investigators. they are all super cool! Where to begin.... well first things first the *** family is doing great. they go confirmed and are progressing very well. sometime this week we will have dinner with them and they will be bringing some friends to share the gospel with. They are reading and we watched the Joseph Smith: prophet of the restoration video. and they loved it and want to go do baptisms at the temple too. Then we met with *** 2 times, and taught most of the commandments. and everything is going good with them. She loves everything we teach and will change just about anything to make sure she's living it right. she read like 20+ chapters in the book of Mormon and every time we teach she just testifies to us that it is the truth. I love her so much. She will be baptized in a few weeks for sure. as soon as she moves out. Then also. We took ** and ** to the visitor center.  it was amazing!  ** is super awesome and loves to learn and she realized she has not put her part in, she committed to read everyday and also they came to church! It is super cool. They have progressed so much in the last little bit. ** on the other hand is not so open, but I see it coming, he is very quite and he finally said he would read and pray and then he came to church and I know between those 2 times he has felt the spirit somewhere! they are not married so that will be a problem but we will work with that in a little bit. We met with the *** family. They are super good. she read, and liked it, just had a few questions on timing and who these people are. so we reinforced reading and praying and they also committed to come to church next Sunday so that will be great for them. it was a super good lesson and it got topped off with some good "pan con pollo" dinner after. it was amazing.  Then, yeah we did find 5 new investigators, that is something we have been struggling with. So we found a super cool family, they are super cool and he really liked the restoration lesson. We have hopes for them. and then, we found this older couple who are very catholic, but very open to listen, they like to learn, and are more than willing to try it. out, so our plan of action is get them to church, and slam them with the spirit and get them baptized.... lot easier in words than in action, but something to that effect.


We got to go to the temple this week, it was pretty good. finally got to see the new version, it was fun and then it was a lovely 2 hour bus ride home. it was a night mere, I hate taking the bus. we got stuck in traffic on the way there, and we had to run as fast as we could to make it to the 9:15 session. thank goodness for a nice bus driver who made an extra stop right in front of the temple. If not we would have been like 10 min later because the stop was pretty far.  and me and elder earl both realized that we need to go running more. we both got winded when we ran up that hill. I think its the super humid air here in LA, its just thick and hard to breath in. anyways.  we got to talk to some people from Spain on the way back home. they were on vacation, and it was fun to listen to their accent. it was not that big. only they speak so much slower and clearly and have a lisp. then we did exchanges right after that. it was a very busy and quick day. Elder barker is awesome! he so fun to talk to. He actually wants me to go to byu and room with him after! so its an option, that's if I get into BYU.  owell. that still 9 months away to worry about.

so yesterday at a members house elder earl looked up a video to share. and its called  Missionary work and the atonement. Its clips of 2 talks by President Eyring and Elder Holland. Super good. It talks about how missionary's complain how hard it is sometimes to be a missionary work, and the whole talk talks about how It will never be easy nor was it made to be easy. He does a great example of how, it was never easy for Jesus Christ when he was on the earth, So how can we expect that it will be easy for us in these days. It was super powerful. I love listening to talks, its so much powerful when you hear it from them not just reading. Anyways I hope all is well for you all this week. with wedding planning, and you have a fun veterans day. and Just a great Week!


I love you all!

Elder Hollingshead


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