Wednesday, November 26, 2014

well catch you later.

well I was going to write a longer letter today, but..... aparently there was some sort of national case that just got closed and its causing some civil unrest and we just mandated to go home before 1. so we don't have much time.

*** got baptized! she is absolutely awesome. It was a great service and she bore her testimony at the end and it was super powerful. then the hno *** and the kids got the priesthood on sunday! they are doing awesome. it was just great to see the progress a lot this week. what else that's important. its Thanksgiving on Thursday! soundslike we will have 2 meals with members, lunch and dinner. and then Sandra is awesome! she took us out to eat 2 times this last week. so we had panda, and in and out... it was so good. and then. she told us that on Wednesday she is going to give a big dinner of what ever we want.... so we shall see what me and elder earl decide. then....this week. we had an activity for the ward. it was alright. lets just say, singing is not a strength in latino wards.... I played the piano and it turn out better than I thought but.. they really struggled with it all. So yeah. not much other updates. thanks for all your love and support.


Elder Hollingshead

Sooooooo.... turns out. we can still come out and finish our p day stuff, but we have to be in by 4. so yeah, we should be good now.

Well this week was pretty good! lots of good things happening. the church is going to put out a new video about Christmas and so we will have a special zone conference this Friday to talk about it and all the cool things its going to do. The rumor is that the church  bought you-tube for a day, and also time square in New York and it will be a big advertisement for this new video. So it should bring a lot of new things! Its been pretty busy around here in this area. We had a ward missionary activity and it was a little play and I was the piano player, so we had 2 practices that took way too much time out of our area, me and elder earl were pretty frustrated, but asi es. we had an awesome week with *** because she got baptized! She is so awesome, we had the interview Wednesday and she was super ready, and then also she gave us good food! she's is by far the most ready person I've seen for the gospel. From the day we contacted her and her baptism, it was 5 weeks. And she kept the same baptismal date the whole time! if only missionary work is always like that. Her baptism went perfectly and smoothly. she was super happy all week. 2 of her daughters came and watched, the baptism. and then she bore her testimony at the end and it was super powerful! Then yeah, the *** family is doing well, and they dad and sons all got the priesthood on Sunday and they are staying strong and faithful. Hna. was going through some hard times at the beginning of the week and so we stopped by and watched mountains to climb and she was just crying and crying and we talked about continuing to the end and working and never regretting our faith. It was super awesome and she is going strong again.

A lot of our other investigators we had a hard time planning and meeting with them. they are doing good, it was just we did not have a good schedule to work with so things were just not following through. But it was overall a good week. Lots of good things are happening :) we are busy and tired so that means were getting work done right? We got a new elder in the district and he's a convert of about 1 year and a half! he's cool, but he seems to have a hard time adjusting to the new rules, but he'll work it out, he's got lots of energy and excitement for missionary work. 

ITs weird to think thanksgiving is already here! its been super quick this month. and now, its going to be Christmas in no time! now its getting super cold. and our heater is still not on. we cut the gas, so nothing can go wrong with CO poisoning but its still cold.  and then this morning we got up and we have no hot water..... needless to say I was freezing cold this morning. so we are calling it in, but no one answers the phone, this apartment is nice but hard to work with people.... So I hope as we come to Thanksgiving this week we can remember all the Our Heavenly Father has given to us! everyday I
'm amazed at the blessings we receive and its just a testimony builder to me of how much he loves us so he blesses us every time we Obey with exactness. (D&C 130:20-21) So just remember to always give thanks for the things we have and for what he has blessed us with. I love you All!!!!!!! Have a great Week, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Elder Hollingshead
*** at her Baptism


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