Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hola Todos!

Hola Todos!

Hey so This week is going to be short. We are running late on time and were here sitting in the middle of a Korean Internet cafe! Its great. Its MLK day so we had to find a cafe to email at. We had to go to the mission office also because my companion had to take an english test that will tell him if he really can speak English or not. Haha, well he can speak English but doesn't have alot of confidence in it. This week has been pretty busy. we had lots of good things happen. and then also 2 exchanges back to back so i wasnt in my area for 2 days. Great! it was a little stressful. Lets see where to begin. Oh So on Tuesday, we had MLC (missionary leadership council) basically all the zone leaders and sister trainer leaders got together to discuss how the mission can improve and what we need to work on. Its 5 hours of great trainings and councils. President was a little worried about the mission, so we created a training schedule for this transfer on things we need to do better on. One of them is using and reading the book of Mormon. So this week I started my new book of Mormon Reading topic im excited because its all about the Plan of salvation. I hope it goes well and i learn alot. What else, Im not for sure... we went on exchanges on friday and Saturday. That was fun. but nothing too exciting. Oh never mind. we before that, we had to create our trainings for the zone Training meeting on Friday, instead of District meeting. So we had alot of discussion and what we needed to do. So hopefully. we see some improvement. Overall the training went good, but we lacked alot of participation from the zone. Then after we had to update our report on the zone (ie baptismal dates, recent convert progress, etc.) then we went and ate taco bell because we didnt have time to go anywhere else. we went on exchanges with elder Piangnee, hes super cool. hes actually from an island/country off the coast of south africa, and so he speak french, then he moved to Utah when he was 12 and his mom got married to some guy there and so he learned English, and then he got called Spanish, so hes super cool. hes just a chill guy, doesn't say much and when he does its always funny. It was  fun b ut short exchange. Then, I went with elder cox, hes from Indiana, and is super relaxed and seems really serious, not that he is, it just looks like he is. Hes also really fun, and loves to work. Literally we walked around for a good 4 hours trying to contact potentials or formers, It was fun, we got to talk alot and get to know each other. Theres a super cool family that got baptized in their area a little while ago, so we went and visited them, and one of her other sons, just moved back from Chicago, and so they are teaching him right now.

We set up a temple baptism trip for this friday so hopefully we get a bunch of the recent converts in our area to go. It will be great! Then also, we found a really cool guy named ***. He is actually the other son of ***( a recent convert in our area) So he is trying to get himself out of drugs, he has been clean for a while, so we will be working with him alot and hopefully he stays clean, we set a tentative baptismal date for the 22nd of February. and hopefully it goes well. But I think the effect of drugs has really made him mind go like 90 miles an hour. Literally everything that comes out of his mouth is just like Super fast, and he also cant sit down very long, we think its because hes trying to get off and because hes been clean for a while, his body just starts doing weird things, or he does the weird things to keep him occupied and not fall again. He really has the desire to learn, and really wants to change, he says he wants to be a missionary, we told him the first step is baptism, and even then its up to the bishop, but that we could help him out with that. SO were working pretty hard with him. but before the exchanges the week was going pretty slow. And then, all the work happened while i was gone.... Owell, this week we are doing even more exchanges. It will be great!

Well I Love you all. I hope you have a great week! Keep reading the Book of Mormon, because it will bring you a Greater light and Knowledge! I Hope you have a great week!

Elder Hollingshead

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