Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What A Week!

Hello Everyone!

Well this week has been pretty crazy. It was great to have transfers, but with a big zone its a pain sometimes. we were pretty unorganized at first. I think were getting the hang of it now. 4th ward is An awesome ward. they are super busy and have lots of work. We went up there earlier this week to drop something off and pick something up, and it sounds like there are lots of work. Our area is doing pretty good. We have lots of work and its hard to keep up with everyone, but were getting it done. Our main focus right now is *** and the *** family. They are both coming to church every week and even in the rain, they came and walked/rode a bike. It was super cool. We had a awesome lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ and they understand a lot and love to learn. the moms Boyfriend who doesn't live there, but has lots of potential was there too, and he opened up and really showed a lot more interest than the times before. Basically we love this family so much and it will be awesome when they get baptized. I'm actually tired of LA English, we just are not getting enough people there and it takes a lot of time out of our night on Tuesday. but o well lets just hope that it gets better and better.

So this is probably something that will change my testimony forever. So As a mission we finished the book of Mormon the week of Christmas, and then I was really wanting to study the New testament again, so I started reading it. I was super excited at first, but as time has gone on. I did realize how much I miss reading the Book of Mormon. let me rephrase that, I didn't realize the change the book of Mormon had on me. So On Sunday it was just a rough morning for me. we had pretty good success during the week, but The work was not as fulfilling as before, and it was getting rough for me. So during church, I had a very Distinct and Direct Prompting, Open your book of Mormon and read. So I did, and almost immediately I felt a new light and peace I hadn't felt in a little bit. Whether it be because of stress or lack of decent study, I felt  something different within my self when I read the book of Mormon yesterday. So I know that IT really is true, that it really testifies of Jesus Christ and Because of that, it brings the spirit which testifies of all truth. So That is a spiritual experience that happened this week that really helped me.

I hope everyone had a good time at the Wedding and reception. It looks like they were super happy. I hope they had a great night and A day to remember. I wish I could have been there, but Its alright :) I was there in spirit:)

Well I love you all! Hope you have a great week!



Elder Hollingshead

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