Monday, April 27, 2015

Funny Happenings

April 13, 2015

Well again this week was not super exciting. we've had our struggles. My patience has been tried.... But don't worry about me, its the work of salvation and there's nothing bad about, it :0 I"m still having a blast, but just been a long week and many times i just was frustrated about little things. But today is good. I had a great fast yesterday and it really boosted me up today. The work is just slow, were really struggling to get those new investigators and so Hopefully It will pick up this week. thats what i said last week, but at least we have appointments and lists of people we can visit now. I Think the problem now is making sure they will be in the house. So yeah, were going on exchanges tommorow. So im excited and it will be good :) i love exchanges, not becasue i want to get away from my comp, but just to get to know other missionaries.  Anyways. Here are some fun storries for this week.

Last night, We get home at like 9:10 were putting our stuff down and then i sit in my chair and elder Delgado sits in his and about that same time, I feel a big jolt and Vibration, but only lasted for like 2 seconds. Now since i've felt 2 earthquakes before i knew exactly what that was, And so i told elder Delgado that it was an earthquake. He didnt believe me so we walked out side and then our neighbor also walked out and we came to the conclusion that it was an earthquake, but a really small one. So maybe in a couple of weeks we will have another bigger one. that's what happened last year.

Story #2. so we had dinner at a returning member family. They are super cool. and we get out there and their house is kind of small and there was no man so we just sat outside and had the carne asada, under the tree and porch. And after we were done eating, we were just talking and then we hear this rustling in the tree above us and so we kind of stopped and looked up so we could avoid being hit. we thought it was a branch or something that was stuck in the tree. I was looking up and i saw this brown thing that looked like a branch, come down and it was about 8 inches away from my head. then it hit the chair that i had been sitting in, and rolled to the ground. so i went to look down to see what it was and IT RAN!!!!! Needless to say, a rat fell from the tree and almost hit my head. it was about 6 inches long with out the tail.... The sister freaked out! because it landed right in between me and her.

Story #3. So this is not so much funny, but just a little awkward on what we both did. so we contacted this lady on the street, she was probably mid 20s she told us we could stop by on Saturday, we contacted her on Thursday. So we came by on Saturday, and she was like "im busy" so we just tried to see if we could get in for like 15 min. then she is like well its that i just had my baby on Friday..... Awkward. it didnt seem like she was pregnant, but apparently she was, and on Thursday went to the hospital the next day and had her baby.... And we had no idea and when she told us that, at first i didn't think she was telling the truth, but then i put it all together and believed her, but we both just looked at each other and didn't know what to say to her..... It was super awkward.... But we will be seeing her later this week.

But yeah, That has been my week! I'm so thankful for your prayers and Support! Stay Strong, and I hope you all continue to get things out of conference and keep learning From living day Prophets. I listened to a few talks this morning, and i learned even more things! its great, i love inspired people! its like God is talking straight to me!

Love you all!

Elder Hollingshead
Ok thanks so much mom. Oh and Elder Anderson is from Mesa??? i had no idea. Ill have to read that talk again, I remembered it being a great one that really spoke to me! Thanks for your love and support, ill always be grateful for it. My companion is the only member in his family, and i really see a good desire, but he still learning a lot. He was baptized end of may 2013, and so he really doesn't have much time as a member, but he really has a great testimony. I love you all.

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