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May 25, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Happy memorial day! I hope that the lack of emails is because everyone is having fun vacationing! Don't worry, its all good here in LA! This week was Fun! my new companion is great! hes got a lot of energy and we have fun! we have seen a lot more miracles and success in the area this week! Tuesday was a great day! we had 3 lessons! I think that surprised me more than my companion for the first day together! Then next day was supposed to be just as great, but almost everything we had planned canceled. so we walked a lot and got a lot of conversations. it was fun! Long but fun. Then  Thursday we had a special training with President.  He had some trainings last week! But as he was there, the august transfer kept coming to his head. so he was thinking about it. in the august transfer that goes home, there are about 35 of us. the biggest group in the mission. it's pretty nuts. And he was very impressed, to invite us to do something astonishing! he went into this training with us, not having any plan, and letting us talk and make a plan. so we went in, he read a little bit from the Book of Mormon,  about the story of the sons of helaman. He was talking and then we said a group prayer (actually I said the group prayer) and then we went off for 15 min to make a plan for our area, and mission. we came back and talked a little bit more and then set a very high expectation, and goal. as a mission we usually average about 10 baptisms a week. President invited us to double that number by the time we go home. so we talked a lot about uniting in faith and working in a way to be able to do that. It was a super spiritual meeting and we all came out of there more energized and excited to go out and work like a dog, with whatever it may be. It was a super spiritual lift for me.

Cool Miracle. there was this lady that came to church. I had seen her a few weeks ago, but thought it was someones investigator, then a member commented on her, and so I told myself when she comes again I will ask her who she was, and get to know her. come to find out. she has come about 4 times. She is struggling really bad right now, her husband doesn't want her to go to a church, but she through prayer made a promise to find a church, if her daughter would get healed. So her daughter is progressing a lot right now, so she is on a search to find a church. a family friend gave a Book of Mormon to them and she kept it for 4 years. She called the visitor center number I think and they gave her the address of the church. So she has come, against her family's will and is loving it. shes been reading the Book of Mormon. She doesn't want us to go to her house because her husband doesn't want it. but she does and shes going to keep coming to church. So we shall see how it goes. she doesn't live in our area, but we taught her and hopefully we can figure out where she lives and get the missionaries to teach her.

Thanks for all the support and love i get from you all! I hope you all have a great first week of summer vacation! its crazy to think that its already here! have a great week!


Elder Hollingshead

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