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May 18, 2015

Well, I'm staying! I'm going to be with Elder Villanueva. he was Elder Delgado's comp in the MTC. so Hopefully it will all be good :) its only a 5 week transfer! So its going to go by quick!  So this week we had a little more success. we found 5 new investigators. and it really lifted our spirits. sometimes we as missionaries thing of tall the things that go wrong, and it really just brings us down, but as we start to work and have fun, it really helped us see the good and the fun in the work. our relationship improved and it really just mad the week less stressful. We still had our moments, but its been good. We found this couple, ** and **, they are young have a couple of kids and she's 6 months pregnant, but they are very interested in learning and getting closer and more into churches. It was a good lesson, they committed to come to church, but didn't come, but little by little I hope we can find some good things in it all. Then also we had an awesome experience at a Chinese restaurant... So Saturday night we didn't have dinner and our apartment is far so we just stop and eat in the area, there's a Chinese food place that's cheep and decent, so we stopped by and grabbed our food. as we finished eating the one girl who was basically running the place, starts cleaning the tables and floor, so we started talking to her, and she was telling us how she feels like she needs to change a lot in her life, and get closer to God, she says she goes to various churches just to see what they have, but she feels a little judged. as we talked more and shared what we do, she became really interested. so we exchanged info, and hopefully we are going to meet up some time. we thought she was like 21,but she's 17 so it was really cool to see someone who wants to change. she told us some of the things she does and she is just like I feel horrible, but I haven't found peace. so she was a cool finding miracle that day. Funny thing was that day we contacted like 4-5 teenage girls and many of them said yes they were interested. So who knows maybe that's going to be our teaching pool for a little bit.

So this week in my Book of Mormon reading. I found a chapter that I really liked. Its Abinidi's finial teaching to the king. and he is talking about Christ, But they way he talks is like its already happened. It struck me that that is Abinidi's testimony. he knows (150 or so years before his birth) that Christ is the redeemer of the world. These words I thought were really powerful "   But there is a resurrection, therefore the grave hath no victory, and the sting of death‍ is swallowed up in Christ.  He is the light‍ and the life of the world; yea, a light that is endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is endless, that there can be no more death." (mosiah 16:8-9). He is that light! Its so true, there was also a part in the new Ensign, Elder Bednars talk "Therefore they hushed their fears" And it talks about how a firm Faith, founded on Christ, Chastens away Fear (any fear). I'M So Grateful for this mission and the opportunity its given me to establish my firm faith in Christ, sometimes I get fearful or lazy, or tired, but that light lifts me up and I feel its love!

Thanks for all your prayers and support! Keep it up and Have a great last week of School for those kids that are in school! Don't freeze at the cabin this weekend!


Elder Hollingshead

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