Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Buenos Dias!

Buenos Dias!


well this week has been alright. it was little hot and humid this week, its the start of summer here. Its really not that bad, but it can be sometimes and the worst is that we live 20 mins from the center of our work area so by the time we get there were hot and sweaty, but such is life! we have been on a less active search! I was noticing that we hardly visit any of the members, so I made a list (longer than I expected) of all the members that supposedly live in our area. We have found some, some have moved, a couple have died, some not interested.... its been interesting. but we hope to help a couple people come back and along with that, find some people to get baptized. ** and *** well I hope they are doing alright, we haven't been able to find them. we call and its the home number and luz is never there so we cant find her, but we have talked to *** and he's doing good he's reading and praying.  School got out here in LA this last Thursday so now its where all the trouble happens... teenagers... We found and started teaching a 13 year old. her sister got baptized a long time ago, but now doesn't live there, but p***** is super Cool! she used to go to church along time ago and loves it, but her mom works and her dad is almost deaf, so he they don't like to go to church, anyways she wants to come, hopefully we can slowly but surly help her parents come. Then m** G** didn't come to church, hopefully next week we can get in contact with her, and then *** our investigator, last week she didn't seem super interested anymore. then we came back and taught her and she was a little more willing. we did a lesson purely on coming unto Christ. we read some scriptures from the new testament, watch the #becausehelives video and then tied it all in to what we do as missionaries. she was a little more happy and then we downloaded the app on her phone so she can listen to the book of  Mormon while she's at work! Saturday we went on exchanges again. it was fun, we talked a lot about LA and how crazy it is, and how much the gospel really can bless their lives!  then Sunday there was a bug surprise, Elder(hermano) Low a missionary that left last July came back and visited the ward, he calls it his home because he spent more than a year there and everyone knows him. I think I'm almost as close. except no one can pronounce my name. Any ways. It was fun to see him and talk for a little bit between classes.

Well, I just want to let you all know that the mission is the BEST! im so glad to be here, I have learned so much! Each time I study in the morning it brings me so much happiness to know the gospel. I see so much sadness and wickedness that, sometimes it brings me down, but there is a CD mom and dad sent me a while ago about Christ and a bunch of testimonies from apostles and prophets. there is one in there that talks about the light of Christ, it says that even when the darkness of sin and Satan, where we think that the light cannot penetrate, the light of Christ comes and can illuminate any darkness that is there! Its so true! its one by one, that's how the gospel comes to pass, and even thought the problems still come, there is one by one, people entering into this gospel and happiness!


I love you all Have a great week!


Elder Hollingshead


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