Monday, June 22, 2015


Well hello everyone! This week has been good and bad, mostly good. On Tuesday we had a meeting for my companion so we went to the Artesia building and during his meeting we had a training. I was super good.

As missionaries we do lots of role plays, not the most out thing to do, but it's just part of life. So this was a role play inside a role play... Like inception 😊

 It was fun! And it was helping members do their missionary work, basically role playing how to invite their friends and family to hear our message or to check something out. It was fun, and little hard and on top of that it was 10 min long. So yeah Was fun! But as for transfers, nothing changed, we are staying together and I'm going to finish my mission here in hp3. It's a good ward, but I'm actually in the mood for a little change, but that's not up to me so I'm staying.

Yesterday for Father's Day, we went by a members house and we asked him if his family is going to come, he said no... Then halfway through the visit, his family came and then we sat there for a while and talked a lot about our dads,. It was really interesting, needless to say, I felt a little alone, but in a good way, I was the only one there, other than the little kids that grew up in the gospel, but it made me appreciate the gospel and how it blesses families.  It was super cool to get a little closer to these members. Anyways it was a cool Wednesday, first off it was really hot, Andrew were outside for 6 hours just walking around, it was hard but it was all worth it, at

8:30 we went back to the area, and went on one last call for a family.

We went and they were there! It's a family of 8, the dad has some health issues and the family is really close together,  we had actually contacted a daughter first and she is super interested In the Book of Mormon.  We taught them and it was a great lesson. So yeah, it was cool, they got busy with some family things that happened during the weekend, but we will be visiting them tomorrow night! We are super excited and hope everything goes well with them.  We finally caught up with ** and ***. She is not avoiding us, and actually wants to meet with us, but there is some sort of legal thing that is going on and she literally can't meet with us, so we have and appointment with the,  for Sunday hopefully we can help her out and teach her something she needs right now.

This week in my studies I ran across this scripture in doctrine and covenants 36:7 "And this commandment shall be given unto the elders of my church, that every man which will embrace it with singleness of heart may be ordained and sent forth, even as I have spoken."  What I got out of it was embrace with singleness of heart.  That hit me, we always hear you cannot serve two masters and this teaches it really well. The gospel is basically the lords heart, is my heart single to his will and his gospel? Am I embracing it will all my heart might mind and strength? It t me and I've thought a lot about it during the week and it's one of my goals for the last 6 weeks is to embrace he gospel with all my heart and do my best!
The *** Family

I love you all! I hope you have a great week!

Elder Hollingshead


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