Wednesday, October 9, 2013

First Week


Well this weekhas been interesting. Started offat 2 am in mexico city, and when we got to the busses wegot yelled at because we werelate. we were supposed to be there at 2:30 butwe didnt get there untill about 2:45. owell we got there with plenty of time to spare in the airport. I was going to call but ran out of timeand then somebody else was always using the phones.  i wish i couldof but as far as i know itwould havebeen around $100 dollars so yeah lots of money. The flightwas long and not very comfortable so i didntsleep well. But i met an enginneer and an older coupleat the air port. The older coupleactually were from mesa/gilbert but i dont rememberthe name. He is a lawyer for the church and works with missionary legal problems. Then the enginner was there because they are starting a project on the temple. its going to be shutdown for a year or so and have somestructural work done. He was down finalizing project details so we chatedfor a little cause he satnext to me. Once we got into the states As soon as we went throught the doors, we were met by the AP and president with anothercouple and we also met up with 19 othersfrom  Provo.So in totalthere 29 of us there on the same day, a few are visawaiters so owell. We went to the temple and met our temp companions, andhad some interviews and got our medical and money cards. THen i went to my temp companions apt,for theday and night, we went and knocked a couple of doors and then taught an english class.

That area was weird. it covered west hollywood and that place is weird. one street was super GAY, rainbow flags and crosswalks n such. you couldnt hardly look outthe window cuas it was bad. But imnot there now. The next day we went back to the temple lot building, got our actuall companions because that was transfer day. My Companion is Elder Marin from Texas, Houston. We are in the CentralZone, Madden area, and Inglewood 2nd ward. ITs an interesting place. A little scetchy sometiems. but awesome. Oh and when is my bike supposed to be here. Cause it as far as i knowit wasnt in the mission home. Im riding the "legend" right now. it is literally a legend, its old and i sometimes wonder how its lasted this long. and yep i have a bike area. quitelarge too so it takes a while to get anywhere cause me and my companion cantride very fast. Last night we dont excactly know where are red areas are so we were just riding and themorethe night went on the more scetchy it got sowere stilltryingto find the red areas. Our transfer goal is to work on less actives, There are lots around hereand so were are just going around visitingevery less active, inactive and part memeber famillys. ITs fun and sometimes i wonder howthese people are inactive. Owell. Theres one family we visit almost every night causethey are a part member family with lots of problems. Mom is nice but has no interest in coming,the restof the family is mostly active or completly inactive. Were working really hard on the 3 teen age girls. So its fun, aparently since a couple ofmonths ago the family has improved a lot.

lots of Food, all the time people are giving us food. infact tuesday we have 2 dinners, thatsgoing to be fun. Lots of good food and not too much weird food. although i thought i was going to eat a guine pig onetime. A member who was playing a joke on us...long story short they couldnt help but laught at me the fresh out of the  MTC Greeny. we had chicken, needless to say.

I ve been so tired. last couple of nightsafter we get in its so hard to stay awake. I went to bed early one night on accitdent. owell. Conference was definatly a great time. great talks but i dont know about you  but i enjoyed saturdays talks much better than sundays.  they were all good but saturdays definatly stuck a lot more. inbetween seesions we would eat snacks then a member weould come in and ask if we had food and then they would bring us lots of food. it was awesome. we got a couple of our investigators to come and watch conference, so we hope it has an effect on them. And who said LA was nice. Its cold in the moringins like i need a jacket so mom if could send me my grey jacket that weould be nice, then the day time is just sunny and toasty, not as bad as mesa, but people said a month ago it was in the mid 90s and miserable. and were on bikes so we get pretty sweaty. Oh, and none of the apartments, at lest not missionary ones have AC so you just have to go with it. Owell. since we have bars on our windows we can keep them open so yeah, it just means you hear the traffic andall the otherstuff thatgoes on outside too. someof which iwould rather not hear. Lots of vulgur and crude people here. Its crazy. 

Well thats about it that has happened. P day is monday so ill talk to you in a week.

Id sent some pictures but i havet had time the scedualis crazy. my usual down times in the MTC are the busiest here so im still trying to get used to the schedual.

Love you all, thanks for your prayers and keep themup,these next feww weeks are going to be rough. ill try and write letters soon when i have time. 


Elder Hollingshead

ps, mom umm it says on my bike paperwork, that i need to lock it up a certain way for the warranty to work but it doesnt say what that way is could you sent that to me. And thanks for the package it was great. thanks for the snacks. and keep me posted on the bike. maybe i just missed, let me know.

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