Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Leaving CCM

October 1, 2013


Well this is my final goodbyes from the CCM. This last weekend has been crazy. Lots of things have happened and lots of things have changed. Ill be waking up about 2 in the morning here and getting on the bus at 2:45 and leaving MExico at 7:30. I should be in LA about 9:30. So yeah today has been weird and hectic. so have the last couple of days but to start out lets go with Friday.  All day friday was IN field orientation. It was long, learned a few new things but mostly just reviewed priciples and what the field is going to be like. it was very long, very repitious, and somewhat boring. that was our friday. oh but i did forget, on thursday our teachers brought tacos in. They were soo good.  definatly some of the best tacos ive ever had. but im still debating whether or not they beat the ones in rocky point. Owell Saturday was really fun. we just chilled out and did our studies and since it was our last language lesson we played games and activites to test and help our vocabulary. Sunday was fun. It was fast sunday we all bore our testimony in sacrament meeting. And had some awesome lessons given by our Presidency. Sunday devotional was different. instead of watching a rerun of a previous MTC devo, we had Our MTC administrator or basically priciple come and talk to us. It was an awesome talk. He talked about immersing yourself in the work and forgeting the past, and looking forward in faith. Great talk. Then after that we had dinner and then took pics for a good hour. our teachers came and took pictures with us. we got a lot of pictures, to say the least. We had a little testimony meeting after and said goodbye to 2 of the Hermanas, they left a 2 in the morning, that one wasnt as hard. It was watching the other hermanas leave at noon and watching them pull away on the bus that was hard on the rest of us. As much as were ready to leave the CCM we are going to miss them and it was hard to watch them go but we all know its the lords work and, its just part of a mission getting to know people and watching the leave or you leave. Anyways Yesterday was just kindof a casual day, nothing to big happened other that we saw our teachers for the last time. well kindof they stopped in this morning after our personal study to say thier final goodbyes. We all exchanged emails so we can keep them updated on our mission. They are super excited for us. Today has been interesting. we had somewhat of a lesson this morning. it consisited of watching 2 episodes of the District. It was fun. Oh i forgot. last night we had a good study about how we can get through the hard times during our mission. we all shared scriptures and then also talked about the atonement and its power we should use in our lives.  It was one of the better discusssions we have had for a week or so. i was sad the hermanas didnt get to be there to study also, but they were all getting settled in their missions. So yeah. the rest of today has consisited of laundry, getting our iternerary and bording passes printed, packing, emailing, and then tonight we have our final devotional, and  then were off in the early in the morning. Its just been a crazy day. and tommorow is going is going to be a long ,long day.

So my feelings about leaving the CCM. well its definatly going to be a change. lots of new things to learn, and to do. Im going to miss this place. the first week all i could think about was when my 6 weeks was over and we could get out in the field. Although IM still super excited to go to the feild, it also brings a littly anxiety and nervousness. Im feel very prepared and ready and excited but im still nervous about the language, and the fact that i could very well teach a real investigator in the next few days is kindof freaky. Im super excited to teach, minus the huge factor that its in spanish. Owell ready or not LA is coming in approx 14 hours.

So something that ive figured out about Latinos here is that they love to take pictures. And to just joke around. sunday night we went and got some pictures with a few latinos on our floor, and they just went crazy, and longer you take pictures the more latinos come to be in the picture. They just love it. Its funny to talk to them about anything they make it so enjoyable to talk to them. So yeah but like everyone on our floor in our rooms left monday morning, so its been very quiet in our dorms the last few nights cause were one of the last people to leave this week. Oh and a new thing that is happening is international Missionarys that are coming to the MTC (like me) are coming wednesday not tuesday anymore and the Latinos are coming tuesday. Something weird but i guess it makes schedualing easier.
I think that is all i have to say, I love you all! You are all in my Prayers.  Good luck in all your endevors, and Remember that Christ is always there to help you.

I wish you luch from Mexico and Ill talk to you in LA, i think on monday, or whenever my P day is.

Elder Hollingshead

CCM District and CCM Mission President

Zerin with CCM Mission President & Wife

District at CCM sign - now you know what CCM stands for!

CCM Campus

Zerin with instructor Sis. Velaquez

Zerin with instructor Elder ?Lara?

The District

Zerin with instructor Sis. Callejas

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