Monday, October 21, 2013


Well another interesting fun week. Lets see. well over the course of the week we got 4 new investigators, which we were excited about. There were a couple of really long days. hot, biking for 3-4 hours straight stopping at peoples houses for a few min and most the time no one was there or they didnt have time to talk. those nights i was super tired. Owell as everyone says Get used to the next 2 years always tired. Most the time I do most of my exercise at night before bed. Mornings im usually too tired, groggy, and cold to get up and do much so we go run around the block a couple of times then get ready for the day. Sunday cause we dont have exercise time, i made biscuts, my companion was super happy and he at most of them in just a few minuets. He acted like it was super hard to make them, then i showed him the recipe and he realized its really not that hard. this week is going to be interesting though cause when we got our dinner list back (its weekly in this ward) only 3 nights were filled of the 7. yeah ouch. so i think were just going to call some people up and ask them if they are available to feed us. most the time they are so its not a big deal. As long as there not too many nights with 2 dinners. that was yesterday. at 2 we had lunch with the Islas, which was super good, then about 4 we went to the Elders Quorum presidents house cause they were having Seafood soup. The soup was good, but i was so stuffed and so tired i could not eat it. i felt bad cause they thought i just didnt like it i kept reassuring them it was great, and it was, but i was not hungry.

SO the fun story this week. last week at the ****, (the family we visit almost every day) there was some drunk guy who they dont know was sleeping on the porch. The next day when we went to go back, he wason the street and he stopped us and they just started yelling at us. "yo  no quiero aqui" (i dont want you here)and a bunch of other stuff. he was acting like he owned the street, but he doesnt even live there. He said he was going to call the police on us, and we jsut kept telling him go ahead, but he wouldnt ever do it. then he started pushing us around. My companion was getting ticked off and explained to him why we come and what we do. then he was telling us how we were keeping him awake at like 11 o'clock at night (which is not true we have to be in by 9). Owell we ended up just leaving. and then he was there again last night! grr.... he was just making the whole family mad, and it causes a lot of issues. Owell hopefully we can figure out what he wants from them.

 So yeah with all the biking and exercise my appetite has definatly grown and i feel like im gaining a little weight. Good right! but me and my companion are opposite. Hes trying to lose weight so im the one packing as much food as a i can. after my exercise ill eat another bowl of cereal or oatmeal and he as a smoothee twice a day. So yeah its just funny. On to our investigators, its weird cause alot of the older ones expect us to be some sort of marriage counselor. every time we have to refer them to the bishop, But they still expect us to fix thier problems. For one of them we watched a conference address from earlier this year. the Home School Of life. and we show them that a happy family needs to be founded upon these priciples but thats as far as we well really go in counseling them. But our one investigator who we thought was gone for sure, randomly without invitation came to church. Me and Elder Marin Looked at each other and said What???? so were still not for sure if the marriage is going to go through but as of right now it is scheduled and so is his baptisim, but its not till december.  So well see. Another one is a little girl, her parents are members but definatly do not have a testimony of the church, or the Book Of Mormon. really frustrating cause she kept interrupting our lessons with nonsense ???s the girl is ready so we just need to review all the lessons cause shes already been taught everything  and is super ready and super smart. i think the family comes to church because of her. The other 2 investigators are an older couple who were a refferal. we hope they progress, but they would not set a baptisimal date, and she works sundays. Another family has and interesting story. His son lives in Mexico and just left on his mission a couple of weeks ago. he reffered his dad and his family to the missionaries. he super nice and i think wants to change but he hasnt come to church yet or gotten married so we hope they can get marrried soon and then start progressing. Other than that all the other people we talk to are potentials, less actives or part member families.

Well its been good to hear from you all. Remember i still would like addresses!!! I can only write a few people right now and i would like to write you all. even if its just an email. anyways I love you all keep up the good work. Thanks for all your prayers in my behalf. A scripture that i really like this week in my studies is In Mosiah 16:9, It basically says that We always need to look to the Light or Christ to be spiritually born again. I thought it was good and i hope all of you look to the light! i love you all, and pray for you daily. keep up the good work, as Blake stone always says to me. You are all awesome and great examples to me. And for those of you receiveing Mission Calls soon Let me know i would greatly appreciate knowing.


Elder Hollingshead


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