Monday, April 28, 2014


Hey everyone!

How's everyone going! this week has been pretty good! well different to say the least. First off, Ummm the big news. I'm Leaving Inglewood! yeah sad, but good, I've been here for almost 8 months and its just been crazy fun. but I'm ready for the change. Actually both me and elder Tramel are leaving this area. They combined 2 of the areas in this ward. I guess they finally realized that there was not much work in this area and that it wasn't very smart to split it. so yeah, we are both leaving. I'm going to Palos Verdes. Basically one of the richest parts of the mission. its all the way down south. basically I cover half of the Palos verdes stake in Spanish. there's a small branch, Cabrillo branch, (I don't know if I spelled that right) but supposedly its an awesome area with lots of work and awesome Views of the beach! yeah I'm excited. My companion is going to be Elder Pollard, he was the assistant when I got to the mission so he should be awesome. I love this area, but after 2 transfers of hardly any work it was getting really slow and hard to keep going. especially when your companion got hit and we could hardly do anything for a  while. Anyways. I'm going  to miss the ward and all the people I've met and known here.
But this week was pretty good other than that. We met with a lot of less actives and it was super nice. We ended up having a decent week, other than Friday. we had nothing to do all day and we ended up just sitting in the car for a little bit, because his foot was hurting and we had absolutely nothing else to do. Anyways. and I got a super late b-day party kind of. The Martinez family wanted to get me a cake, and celebrate my birthday, but I got transferred and never got the chance to go back up there to celebrate. well this last week, it was elder Murrays birthday so we did a dual b-day cake celebration. it was super fun. they got us both cakes and they gave us some good pan con pollo. super good. anyways. if you didn't know the Mexican/ Hispanic tradition for birthdays is to smash the persons face in their own cake. lets just say my comp got me good. like real good. both me and elder Murray got frosted faces. so that was Friday!

As for investigators, we could only meet with Marlon and Isabel once. it was hard. they kind of progressed and then they don't so it will be a frustrating time trying to keep them up. but now its the other elders investigators and we don't really have to worry about them. Anyways they still have their baptismal dates but who knows if they will keep it up. We went and visited Blanca a couple of times. she is super awesome and loves having us over. this wee we just helped her out a bunch. her dad had a bypass surgery and was in the hospital, so while he was there , Blanca with the help of us and a couple of others cleaned out her dads room and repainted and got it ready for him to move back in. she was really grateful for our help and it was nice to just get down and do some normal house work again. Friday it rained again and got pretty chilly around here. the wind was ripping through here pretty hard on Saturday after the storm, weather wise, this area is pretty nice, but was always windy which is bad and good.

well I love you all! Again and again im so thankful for all your prayers in my behalf. its been a big strength to me to be able to know that I have lots of family and friends behind my back supporting me always. I Love you! with all the emotions right now about transfers, it just comforts me a lot to know that wherever I go, the lord is there always and that this is his work and glory, to help All Mankind to be saved. and as missionaries we are literally his hands in this work. I Know this is where I need to be. I always have each of you in my prayers and hope it all goes well for you this week


Elder Hollingshead

ps. mom is there anyway I could undo the pants? lets just say ive gained a little weight and my pants are a little tight around the waist now. could I do it or would I just need to either send them to you or have a member do it if possible? just let me know.  no rush, but better sooner than later.

pps. And Thanks for the sunshine package. It was Great and looks very delicious!  also thanks for the pictures that you sent, it was good to see the fam.

ppps. Skype? mothers day is in 2 weeks. I hope to be able to Skype, but honestly I don't know. if you wouldn't mind, can you re email my login and pass and then next week we will see when we will Skype. if not just expect a call.


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