Monday, April 14, 2014

The Long Week


Well this week has been very interesting. Needless to say it has been very long and boring. soo...... after emailing and shopping we were on the way home with groceries. My companion Elder Tramel, does not have a big backpack so he puts a lot of the stuff on his handlebars. and it’s about a 2-3 mile ride home. We were going along Crenshaw rd. and next to Hawthorne airport its gets very backed up with traffic. No big deal right we ride through traffic all the time. Anyways. My companion was behind me and I did not see any of this.... here comes the scary part. In LA there is no such thing as a bike lane, the bike lane is the 3rd right lane. and when there's traffic it’s always filled with cars. but most leave us enough room to ride and pass by. But there was an 18 wheeler, and he did not leave enough room. my companion had to get right in the gutter and slow down a ton, but there was a little water and his tire washed out from under him and he flipped and almost got ran over.... somehow he got pushed out from under the truck and ended up on the curb, trying to get out of the street, 3 guys saw the whole thing and came an picked him up and grabbed his bike and stuff and pulled it to the side. Elder Tramel was limping and was in a lot of pain. We pulled his shoe off, and it was immediately swelling and he said he could not feel his foot. Not good at all. We quickly called some other elders to come and pick us up. Then we contacted the mission nurse and sis Weidman, finally we got directed to an urgent care and got it creaked out. Nothing was broken but he got a shot and the pain went away. We went back home and was in contact with President and The nurse all day. So it was just a long day. But it turned into a long week, we just stayed inside for 4 days doing nothing. We got a car on Thursday so we could leave and visit a couple of people. Other than that we are mandated to stay inside unless we have a set appt. for a lot of crazy things have happened this week. President was thinking about sending him home, but then he said he would wait out the transfer and see how he was doing and then make a decision. But other than that, I haven't been up too much. But because my district leader is nice, he let me take a break from being inside and we split again and I went up to my old area and that was a very de-stressing. Got to visit, the Amaya’s, and the Martinez clan. It was fun and just a great day. But o well I hope he gets better quick. 

So not much updates on the area, since we haven’t met with anyone in about a week. It’s just been slow and I feel like I’m about to go nuts. You can only listen to the same music all day for so long. We did borrow settlers of catan from another elder so we could play that when we are bored. I finished the last 1/4 of the book of Mormon, am halfway through D&C and hopefully will finish that this week, then on to the Old Testament. But I’ve been writing a few letters to friend’s n such, but yeah. Lots of personal study and I've slept alot in the last week, I think too much, because I could not sleep at all last night. I think I’m going to do a 2000 push up challenge. 2000 in 6 days. and yeah, and read alot. Anyways. Thanks for all your support! I love getting letters from you. and keep sending me letters, it’s definitely great to read about home. I still get homesick sometimes, but it’s never too bad, I actually enjoy reading about home and it doesn’t get me down like it did before. I wish we had computer access so I could watch conference. and videos, but no, we only have the district dvds and the testaments.

Anyways I love you all and hope you have a great week! I love you all and pray for you constantly. Sometimes throughout this past week, I felt alone, frustrated and just tied up not knowing what to do. My stress was high and I couldn’t really get it to go down. But as I was reading the book of Mormon, in the last few books, I really realized how alone some of the believers were in the last days of the Nephites, And what did they do, the turned to the lord to comfort them. And that’s what I did. a couple of days in a row, I would read scriptures and then lie in bed for an hour or so just praying to be able to get through the day without going nuts, I really did fell peace after a while and it would settle down and then go back and start reading or writing letters, and it really helped me out and I know my testimony has grown alot lately. I know this is the lord’s work, I know that The Book of Mormon can really change lives and bring peace that comes from the spirit. I love my father in heaven so much, and I know that his son Jesus Christ is really our savior. I love you all, Family and friends, and am grateful for your support! Keep up the good work! And stay strong!


Elder Hollingshead

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