Monday, April 21, 2014



Well this week has been decent. It was long and then quick and then long again. We are basically fully out, for the most part, he still has to take like an hour break during the day to elevate his foot and ice it. He's getting a lot better very quickly. needless to say, we haven't been inside much. just the normal routine. He still walks with a little limp, but for the most part walks just fine, he just says that it still hurts if he walks long distances for long times, but we have a car! it s weird, that's all I'm going to say, serving in a car, is not the same as a bike. O and I'm tired of being in it for long times. This last week, we went to the temple 3 times! that's a lot. oh and tomorrow we get to go Monday we did email up there because another elder in the district had a interview with president. so we got back around 6 and then just went to *** FHE. our one set apt canceled and Elder Tramel was not supposed to be outside unless we have a set appt. So we just chilled there for like an hour. Anyways. Tuesday we went to the temple to do a session. YAY, I love doing sessions. But for some odd reason they put the old movie on........ Elder Tramel still has not seen the new one, and all the new missionaries have never seen the old so it was fun but I wish we had the new movie. Anyways, that after noon, we met with *** and set a baptismal date with him!!!! super exciting, but he still is crazy. he cant make up his mind. He will call us one day and talk a little and then say "elder, I think im ready to be baptized." then then next day he calls and says "elder, I don't think im ready, I cant give up ** (his girlfriend)" so yeah he's a little weird and sometimes I get tired of how many times he calls a day, but its good at least he's listening to us and has a desire to be baptized and try to change. but anyways. Then we also set a baptismal date with ***. I don't know if I have told you all this before, but we are teaching a transsexual... weird but he/she is actually very interested and has a great desire to be baptized. President gave us permission to teach her, so don't worry about that.  She accepted a date easily and all we need to do is finish reviewing all the lessons and then have her get interviewed with President. Hopefully she gets the go. She is actually very spiritual and reads everything we give her and MORE! and she remembers it all too, unlike most Hispanic women. But other than that nothing much new has happened. We visited *** the excommunicated member. She is super awesome and so nice and is willing to help us anytime. actually we went to her house and right before our dinner canceled. She asked us if we had eaten, and we said no, and she asked us if we wanted to eat? we said yes and she took us to a pupusaria and had some BOMB pupusas! and some really different but Great tasting horchata. She's so nice.

So yeah life is good here in LA. weather could not get worse. its so nice! and now were in car so it really doesn't matter what the weather is. But anyways.  Today after email we are going to chill out with some elders at our apartment. so just like the good old days. Oh yeah so since we have a car, I figured it would be a good idea to get my driving permission so in case I need to drive I can. so I set the appointment up with the mission vehicle coordinator, and we took the test. It was just like the Arizona test, except you have to back through and alley and parallel park. The alley was the hard part. It was a bigger car that I wasn't used to, ooh and on top of that, I haven't been in the drivers seat for about 8 months. The first time I tapped 2 cones at the end. he let me pull through and do it again and it was perfect. so yeah. its just weird to drive again. And I'm not excited to have to drive in LA traffic.... that's if I ever need to. Anyways so yeah I have mission driving permission. Oh so funny thing. the *** family was in mesa Last week! we went and had dinner wit them on Thursday and they showed us a picture of them at that western town out by the superstition mtn. I told them that is really close to my house, they also said they went to the temple and I was Like That is really close to my House! they completely forgot I was from mesa, so we had a good talk about Arizona, they also went to the grand canyon, and they really enjoyed it.

Well I love you all! Thanks for all your prayers in my behalf, I really feel them! I love this Gospel and for Missions, its a great time to learn and I have learned so much. I really cant believe I've been out already for 8 months, I still feel fresh and green. and yeah, but I really know that this is the lord work, and that Miracles really do happen today!

I love you all and I hope you have a great week. Happy Belated Easter.


Elder Hollingshead


Ps. My Easter was great, but nothing happened, it was just a normal dinner. funny thing is, no Hispanic celebrates easter like americans and they all ask where did the bunny and eggs come from. Do you have an Answer???

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