Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Frustrations of Missionary work! :) we love it!

May 26

Well this week has been interesting, Hard, fun and tiring all in one! Where to begin..... well lets talk about your weekend! Wow am i going to mission going to the cabin this summer. Those pictures just make me feel at home all over again. Im glad mesa gets out the week before so that we always had that 4-5 day weekend up at the cabin to start the summer off. in Utah school gets out this week. In California, they still have 2 weeks left.... lame right but thats why i dont live here :) well i am right now but we do the same thing everyday of every week. and its great!  Anyways Looks like you all had fun up there and enjoyed the cool weather. I cant say that its been that cold here, in fact it never will i think. but this week has been super nice here in southern CA. Basically the hottest it got was 75 and the coolest it got was 60. it has been cloudy for 4-5 days now, for at least the most  part of the day. Its been super breezy and almost chilly sometimes. What can i say living 4 blocks from the beach is nice! Anyways we did splits twice this week! yeah so i was hardly in my area. my companion kept getting confused which day it was and who he talked to with which companion. he would tell me that we are going to got to this house and i would ask who? and he would say we contacted him on Wednesday....and then he would put 2 and 2 together and then remember i wasnt with him that day.... anyways it was fun. Palos verdes is super nice down here but when your down here you get cut off from the rest of the mission. you have no idea whats going on around other places, and we have no contact with any other missionaries other than the 3 companionships from our district. ITs just great! But yeah now to missionary work

** and **- we found out that they are not really interested at all.... they have been avoiding us all week. We think they got a little financial help  from the church and since then they have had no desire or time to meet with us... We find them once in a while in the street or talking to other people in the apartment but we have not sat down and taught them since the week before last. Sad. their baptismal date was dropped because of time and at this point we will probably have to drop them soon. Its super frustrating and tiring... **- stopped progressing. She didnt come to church, she finally told us that she really hasnt been praying or reading. She "likes the church" but i dont think she really understands what its all about. She wants to know for herself that these things are true, but isnt doing the things that would allow her to feel so. Grrrrrrr. this week has been super frustrating to say the least. We only had 4 lessons compared to the 10-12 we had before. its like none of our investigators want to see us :( anyways we got our 20 conversations everyday this week except last Monday so we will do better today :) Yesterday Elder Acosta a local 70 came and visited our branch. it was super good, the spirit was so strong and of course, no investigators at church.... He just talked alot about how we can just be better, how this is a hard generation but that the gospel is truly on the earth again and its here for each and everyone of us. He has a very strong testimony. so that was super awesome. Then next week ELDER BALLARD is coming to LA and we are having a missionary conference just with him. It will be awesome. I just cant wait to listen and learn from him. Its just a blessing to be on a mission. people ask us all the time, Why? Why did you live for 2 years? what made you come? what is it that you are trying to get out of this service? And i tell them because I know that God Loves his children, that through Jesus Christ we all can recieve strength and peace in this crazy world. I tell them that it doesnt matter what we might be losing or how hard it is when people reject us. we know this message can bless our lives  Even if people dont want to hear us, give us fake addresses or numbers, yell and cus at us for 20 min, The truth will keep going.  We are not here to tear down peoples faiths, were here to strengthen thier faith and come closer to Our Heavenly Father and His Son. That is what i know! That is why im here. And even though it is hard, that it is frustrating, stressful, tiring, and sometimes seems worthless, its completely worth it.


Thanks for all your support. Thanks for the pictures and i hope you all have/had a great weekend up at the cabin! Keep up the good work and have a great week! :) Enjoy your summer!



Elder Hollingshead

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