Monday, May 19, 2014

Well hello Everyone!

Hows it going? This week has been alright. Nothing crazy happened this week. I felt back at home on Wednesday. I think the hi that day and for the next 2 days was right at about 100 degrees. Wednesday was the worst because it was just dead, no wind and i felt like a good nice May/june day in mesa. Then next 2 days were just as hot but it was a little breezy so it made it better. Its funny because my comp. does not like the heat at all. he complains all the time that its too hot and that he cant think. Anyways because of the heat, it was super hard to contact people, apparently no one likes to walk when its that hot. and the few that do, don't want to be stopped to talk to 2 crazy white people wearing slacks and a tie. I have found that contacting/talking about religion to white people is super easy. especially the less time the Latin has been in the states, but it's funny to see that the longer the Latino lives in the states, the more like a white person they get, even though most of them cant speak any English after 20 years of living here. Its crazy. But Overall our investigators are doing alright. we havnt been able to get in contact with a few of them and thats frustrating. But *** and ***, had some problems. ** and The member they were living with, did not like each other.... at all..... lots of drama that we dont know nor want to know. Basically they both talked to The branch president and he helped **and *** move out because it was that bad..... They asked us to help them move, but we didnt, we called Hno Gasca and let him do that because we did not want to look like we were talking sides on the situation. But now ** ** live in a apt complex with 2 member families. so that will be good for fellow shipping. In fact we are having A FHE tonight with one and *** y ***. Im pretty sure They will be baptized, but i dont think its going to be this month, she still needs a divorce, and because of the move, they haven't worked on it at all.

We worked with *** a bunch this week. She is super ready, she just needs to convince her self she is, We went through the baptismal questions and she was perfect, she reads and prays, and comes to church without us having to tell her. She claims she has never felt the spirit, but i think she has and just never recognized it. But we met with her 3 times this week and she is awesome. Jose Garcia, is on hold right now. He has lots of addictions to drugs and alcohol and never comes to church. he reads but never gets anything out of it. But on Wednesday we went over to his house with a member and he flipped out and threw the Book of Mormon and walked out.... Super Weird, i felt bad for the member because she didnt know what to do. anyways we told His mom that if he wants us to come back again he needs to call us.  Alot of our other investigators are busy and never meet with us. Super hard but nothing we can do about it. I just hope that all is well with them.  we Are meeting with a woman named Janie, she super nice and loves talking to us. She was a former, because the sisters were pushing her too much and she "never progressed" but i think she has some potential. She super nice and just wants to learn more about Got and Jesus Christ. She never grew up going to church, and just has no religious background. She has gone through alot in here life, and really just wants to find peace. She has a 5 year old son, and also is pregnant. She got divorced a few years ago because her husband got into drugs and ended up in prison. shes engaged right now and just feels overwhelmed with life. She has been praying and is trying to get herself to go to church, but that hasn't happened yet. Personally i Think she has lots of potential, but she will just take time. Other than that Nothing much has happened this week.

Thanks again for all your prayers in my behalf. IT continues to be a real strength to me. Lots of crazy things happen on a mission. I feel exhausted each day, but somehow i find energy to go forward. I just know that this is in the lords hands. As long as we are doing what we should be doing, everything will be alright. Elder Ballard will be coming in 2 weeks and im excited to learn what he has in store for us. I wonder what he will be doing, and I just hope that i can be able to learn All that My Heavenly Father wants me to learn. I hope All is well for you. Enjoy the heat for me hahaha. but dont melt too much. Thanks again for your love. and I hope to hear from you all in letters once in a while!

Love you all!

Elder Hollingshead


ps. pictures!!!!! me and my companion. The Views from our super rich member who lives on the top of PV (i think one of them has downtown LA in the distance) and this was at another Apartment i thought it was funny....

At another missionary apt.

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