Monday, May 12, 2014

May 11

Well Hello Everyone!

First off I hope everyone had a good Mother’s day (for those who that applies too). IT was super great to see Mom and Dad’s Face and hear their Voice! It was super nice and fun to talk and hear an update about you all. This week has been pretty good. Not too much happened but there is lots of work here in this area and it keeps us busy most of the time :) Thanks for all the pictures that were sent to me, of Ryan and his Graduation! Amber and the kids and getting all wet. ITs super fun to see pictures! Anyways yeah so our mission president has a few goals that we are working on. One is to have 20 meaningful gospel conversations every day. Let me tell you that is hard sometimes. Our first week together was good. We got it 7 days in a row. but this week has been harder for some reason. First off the beginning was super cool and windy so we thought that people just avoided going outside. but then it got hot and hard to get people just to talk to us for 1 min.  So it was super hard. Then yesterday we hardly had anytime to go contacting. But in one hour we got 23 contacts!!!! like crazy fast if only it could be that fast during the day. but it was super funny because there is this super old lady from Argentina, and she got used to sisters in this area so every time we go over she wants to hug us and give her a kiss..... yeah we are trying to figure out how to explain to this 80-90 year old lady that we can’t do that... but anyways we only go over there once a week so it’s not too big of a problem. But right after the Skype we went to *** baptism. It was super fun to see all those elders. and to see him and his step that he took. but here’s the fun part. I just assumed that it would be held at the Inglewood stake center. but we got there at 15 min before and no one was there.... so we called them up and then they told us that it was at the JV building up by USC.... so we quickly got on the freeway and got over there. Got there a few min late but not too bad. So he was super excited to see me. and here’s a funny story.... a couple of days ago I tripped and fell during our morning run. No big deal right other than my knee was super tender that day. Then on Sunday. the building was different than anywhere else I’ve been. and we were quickly walking through the chapel and I thought I knew where the last pew was. and it was dark.... and as I was walking at a pretty quick pace. I straight up nailed the last pew... and it hurt.... bad. I could hardly walk. and that same knee got hit super hard on the corner of the pew. So now 2 accidents on the same knee. bad luck I know.... 

But other than that nothing much is new.  Last Sunday we found a super cool investigator while street contacting/contacting formers. We gave her a book of Mormon then left. then as we were walking away. My comp had the impression to go back and teach her. So we did and she was more than willing. We stopped by later this week and she had been reading the book of Mormon! Super cool and she told us to come by later this week. She’s super awesome, and is really prepared by the lord.  Also we have found a few other people who said to come by. It’s great to see the blessings of contacting. Before in my mission I really haven’t done much of contacting. Now it’s not too bad and we keep finding people. Sometimes that’s all people need is for a missionary to come to them and contact them. Anyways I love you all and hope you have a great week! Happy Birthday to Jared! and All OF the Tryon Family (since half of them had their B-day last weekend) and Keep me in your thoughts and prayers! I know that this is Lords work and that this really is his gospel. I know it, I love it. Keep up the good work!


Elder Hollingshead

** at his baptism

p.s. So that is ***! at his baptism yesterday! Then the rest of the pictures are from our morning jog! Disfruta!

Our Morning Jog Views

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