Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Well Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? what  has been new?  well first off Transfers..... im  a little bummed but i will be moving.... to Torrance north stake in the hermosa liahona ward. its Spanish but a little bit of a richer area. anyways it will be good, i don't know who my companion is. we think he came from another mission about 5-6 months ago, so we shall see :) But this week was pretty slow again. School got out this week so people were just never available.  its hard but we work through it! anyways San Pedro has been alright... we set another baptismal date with **, she is so awesome but it seems like anymore as soon as we set the date we have no contact with them ever again. ** we had to drop because she would never answer or text us. we finally called and she answered but she said hello and then heard our name and hung up.... so i don't think she wants to hear us anymore.  ***, hes never in the house and when we do find him, he is always "busy". ** is just a teenager and is just flaky. we thinking of  fake dropping her, so she can decide whether to move on or stop coming.... she knows everything but almost refuses to progress. Super random though, Mari came to church..... she walked in and me and elder pollard were just super confused. and she left before we could talk to her. so we don't know what is going on there. lets just say it was a long week. not as bad as the one 2 weeks ago but it was just hard. I've gotten so tried of having "set appointments" all day and when we show up no one is there, and then our backup is also not there.... so frustrating. But other than that life has been good. 

As a zone there was some sort of street fair up in PV that we were somewhat invited to go to. it was mostly for family history stuff, but we were there to answer ?'s about the church and stuff like that. we were all assigned an hour, so we drove 25 min to the stake center parked walked for 20 min to find the place.... then did almost nothing for the hour then went back.... lets just say our hour was not very successful. other times were, but i think it was everyone dinner break so people were just not out.. So anyways that was our week, then we got the call last night so im packing again.... not very fun. but we got to do it.  Oh and Ruth had her Baby! that super exciting! I hope all will continue doing well with them! I wish all of you (family and friends) my Love, especially all my nieces and nephews;) I love you all and pray for you often! I hope grandmas Room gets finished soon! her house has just been under construction for months now, first the flood then the room and bathroom what next? I know i haven't sent many pictures this transfer, and im sorry but i wont be sending any today. BUT i will be taking a ton today trying to make up for it and send them next week! I'm really going to miss this area. its super nice with lots of cool people. Now ill be going to Torrance with lots Asians? and of course Hispanics :) Hope everyone has a great week! and Remember to Write me ;)

Love you ALL

Elder Hollingshead

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