Monday, June 23, 2014

Well Hello everyone!


How is everyone doing? LA is going pretty good. our area is picking up pretty good right now and we are having a blast! anyways  first things first. Thanks mom and dad for the watch! its perfect! and also the scripture cases! they area awesome, just what I was looking for. It was good to finally receive some mail! but yeah this week we still continued to find more and more people. But the best is Lucy and Abraham. They are super cool. Abraham is 14 and Lucy is his mom. She says she's married, but I haven't ever seen the husband and she says he's super Christian.  we taught them on Friday with our ward mission leader and he was awesome.  they seemed to understand the lesson and want to come to church. At the end of the lesson we invited them to the ward activity that we were going to have the next day at a local park.  So we arranged a ride and they came!!!! but they didn't come to church, but we will work on that next week! but yeah so the ward activity was great. we were there for about 3 hours. it was a fathers day activity and so we had a carne asada, and played futbol. So a couple of things i learned here. 1, I love futbol! its so fun. 2, I hate playing sports in missionary clothes.... i.e. super hot, uncomfortable, not move-able..... 3, LA is humid, and is getting hot. 4, chile de arbol is super spicy, like really spicy.  so yeah the activity was great we played for a good hour and a half of futbol. and it was just super fun. I'm still miserably horrible, but I got some things down. 


The Honduran family is slow but good. the only time they are all in the house is Sundays, but that is the day to do all the clean up. so we couldn't teach all the family and only taught the mom, Elsy, she is super awesome!  we didn't hardly have to teach anything. we would just talk for a little bit, then have her read and then she would just teach it back to us! WOW never had that happen before, especially to a latino. anyways, it was super fun! after we taught her, we helped the family out for like 45 min move some things around the house. and so we got a little dirty but that's ok its not like we have 10 other shirts just like it at home. those are the 2 families we are working on. it just seems like no one was home this week. we could hardly find anyone to visit on Thursday. all of our plans and backups fell through and it just gets frustrating and for my comp tiring. He has been super tired lately. but owell we work through it. This week we are having another missionary activity at the ward. we are doing a plan of salvation plane crash.... seems a little weird to me, but hopefully it comes out smoothly 

 But it sounds like you all have been busy. The flagstaff trip looked like fun! oh to be able to go back and stay there in flag! Anyways the kids looked like they had lots of fun! lots of running and games! And then grandmas bathroom looks amazing! like wow, you went all out for here bathroom. I hope she enjoys it!. When are you all going to go to our cabin again. You need it enjoy it while you can! at least to get out of the heat.... Well Anyways. I hope you all have a great week! You are in my prayers frequently and I hope all is going well. I'm so glad I'm out here on a mission and serving and working to help others find joy! I love it. Its not just a job we do everyday, its the work of salvation, and its a privilege to serve everyday! I love you all and Have a great week.


Elder Hollingshead


ps. pictures from last transfer. yeah Elder Pollard is super tall, and then the family, are recent converts in the Cabrillo branch. hope you enjoy. Ill be taking a bunch of pictures from now on, I promised myself that so I will try to send a couple every week!


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