Monday, June 16, 2014


Well Hello everyone! 

This week has been pretty good! To start off, My companion. Elder Cranney. He is super cool. He actually had his birthday this week, so we got lunch from and investigator :) Anyways, He super cool. Hes from utah, la fabrica, and he has been out almost 18 months. He actually served a little over a year of his mission in Honduras! hes got super great spanish, and knows that culture super well. He came back because he got a few parasites, one of which started eating his muscles and doing weird things to his heart. So he stayed home a few months and then came out to LA to finish his mission.  Hes super cool and is willing to help me out alot on my Spanish.  yay! But yeah this week has been alright! We found 7 new investigators! and a family! super cool right. this area has been slow, pretty slow and hardly any work. most the people int he ward just know it as the slow area for missionary work and so its hard to find people to come out with us. But overall its cool. The area is big! it takes almost 40 min biking to get from one side to the other. And thats the only 2 Spanish pockets. The area itself is super nice. Parts of it remind me a lot of mesa, but then the more ghetto parts are like normal LA. And you are right its only like a mile and a half south of my first area. but the area is good and its seems to be picking up real good right now!  

I still dont know many names, but we have patricia and her family and they are investigating she is the closest to getting a baptismal date, also we have a few other former's that we found! Edwin is a super cool guy (bought us lunch) and loves missionaries. i think he could be baptized pretty quickly here, he remembers everything and came to church faithfully for a while. hes on disability because he had 2 strokes and cant walk really well right now. then we found a Honduran family yesterday who seem really cool and they connected with My comp really quick because he served there right where they used to live! They came to the states only 2 years ago, so still not very american, which is good! Anyways. We have a lesson set up with them tonight. Also we have a few less active families that we are trying to reactive. Some of them are super close but just never come to church. anyways im still trying to figure out names of people. other than that this area is pretty cool. The apartment is a mess, i spent a lot of my free time trying to clean up. and its getting there slowly. There is a big ant problem here in our aprtment and they other day i went to pull some gym shorts out of the dirty clothes and all of my clothes were covered in ants..... so i grabbed the most covered parts and spred them  out on the ground. then next morning all the ants were gone.... so i dont know why they went for my clothes but they were gone so i cant complain. 


So this week, the world cup started for soccer! and Futbol is everything to latinos... so we constantly get updates on who wins and so when we talk to people we can ask them where they are from and then, bring up soccer. its pretty funny how intense they get about the sport. so its going to be a great month trying to contact people and actually teach people. because the soccer games are always on in peoples houses!  Anything else, i dont think so. other than that my comp has lots of stories about honduras. Its supposedly the #1 most dangerous place in the world, and so he has some scetch stories. He got robbed 2 times and lots of other crazy things happen to him. the government is supposedly non functional and there is no such thing as police. The UN is there but they havent done much.... But its fun to hear stories of his mission. 

Anyways. It sounds like dad has been super busy between trying to finish grandmas house, and his new calling. Fun stuff. I still miss that sometimes doing projects with dad! You taught me alot!!! but it sounds like you all are going to have a fun trip to Flagstaff. I'm jeolous... i wish i could just leave the city for a while and go where its a little more peaceful, but nope LA Mission is more important right now, Its been great to hear from everyone, and to hear everyone is doing great. and no i didnt get the package. Mail just gets slower and slower around here. but it should be here next week. And thanks for ordering those scripture cases. And one more thing, i know you just sent a package, but my mind is slow and i forget things. So i honestly dont carry much stuff with me anymore, and i was wondering if you could send me my little bag i got from mountain man a couple of years ago. the little one i used to carry my scriptures in. I should be in one of those boxes i left with my stuff in them. Honestly i dont know if it would work or not, but i think its worth a try! since you just sent me a package, dont worry, you can wait until the next one to send it.

Anyways I love you all. Im thankful for all your support! I hope everything goes well for you this week. I have been studying the Conference talks from april, since i just got a hold of a copy. And there area  lot of talks that I really liked. One of my favorites was Elder Bednars, and elder Hollands about being a disciple and having to go through difficulties. I hope you have all had the chance to read them through again, because i have learned alot of things from reading them.

Have a great week everyone!


Elder Hollingshead


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