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Wow, this week has been Crazy!!!! I've been so busy. And it's just so fun! so this area is almost exactly like my first area. In fact they areas are kitty corner. The NE corner of my first area is Slauson and the 110, my SW corner is Slauson and 110. So lots of Hispanics, lots of Spanish, and just as ghetto as before, BUT I LOVE It. My comp is so cool, we work well together and we keep it up, and still there are so many people to visit. But yeah. Where do I begin......

oh btw, thanks for all the pictures of the cabin! wow does that bring memories, and I really miss all those monsoons, there is nothing here. ITs just humid, and somewhat hot, in comparison to Arizona. Our apartment is Tiny. its brand new, and is like dead center to my area.   oh yeah our area is from Slauson to Washington, the 110 to central, its not too big at all. And there is lots of members and investigators. the only thing is that we live the furthest away from church. but its not as bad as Inglewood. that was a 45 min ride, this is about 30 or less.

Anyways. so investigators, the cool thing about it is that most of them are families. that we are teaching.

*** family. been investigating for a while. come to church consistently, but not married. they have everything they need to get married, they just have to do it. supposedly there have been some recent relationship problems, so that is on hold but we still visit and work with them. He works a lot, she stays at home, and then they have 2 girls a 10 year old and a 7 year old.

**** family- been taught for about 3 weeks. Love the book of Mormon, haven't come to church, YET! hoping to set a baptismal date this week with them. she has already read up to 2 nep 10 or so. and loves it all :)

*** & family- she is super cool, we taught the restoration this week. She is super interested not for sure about the rest of the family. She has lots of questions and is not one of those Latin ladies who says they understand, when they really don't.  She asks lots of questions but overall loves the message.
Then we have a few other investigators that we visit once a week or so, and are just cool.

Less actives are all over the place. from Tuesday to Saturday we got 19 less active lessons,  Wow, never gotten that number ever! so there are a lot and I cant remember half of them. (is that bad) There area a couple of recent converts in that number, but mostly less actives. There are so many fun families in this area, so we have lots of fun! its sometimes really hard to keep lessons to about an hour, because everybody LOVES the Missionaries.

Well, The cabin trip looked fun! that's cool that you saw the deer and then made all those catapults, and marshmallow war. Oh am I going to miss those trips! That's nice that the neighbors let you borrow their cabin for the weekend. That probably made things a lot less crowded. 

This week  has been great. My personal study has been reading the book of Mormon while Christ visits the Americas. Its super cool. there is a lot more things I'm learning each time I read the book of Mormon. This will be the 4th time during the mission that I've read the book of Mormon. And it just gets better and better every Time. Then for 10 min or so each personal study, I like to study a topic.  today was grace, and there are a lot of scriptures that talk about this amazing word. I cant remember any off the top of my head, but there are a lot of them that really apply to me and to everyone! I just love how scriptures can talk directly too you.  I Know that They are true, that every word that the prophets spoke is true, I love The book of Mormon, I hope you read it everyday!

Have a great week Everyone!


Elder Hollingshead

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