Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Buenos Dias!!!!

Buenos Dias!!!!


Well this week has been pretty good! Nothing really big happened. but we did  get to go to the temple! and splits, and had the ward activity. so you know nothing to crazy.

First off Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!! I know its technically still June but since my next letter wont be till the 8th happy 4th. Yours will probably be well spent up at the cabin.  mine will be well spent in our apartment! playing monopoly deal n'such.... But no big deal. well on Wednesday we went to the temple I'll send some pictures! it was great, but
I still saw the old one. its been almost a year now since I saw the new video.... but either way the spirit is still there and its really great. so yeah and then we had the ward activity on Thursday night. And someone did a goof on planning and either we didn't or the other group didn't reserve the building..... There was a Samoan family reunion going on..... yeah whoops but everything went pretty smoothly we worked it out so we used all the rooms and chapel and they used the cultural hall. So what we thought was going to be a failure of a activity actually turned out to be really good. lots of people came and the spirit really was there. I ended up singing a solo in the last room of a family's can be together forever. it was alright.  Then Friday we went on splits. they were alright. I left the area and went with elder Comeau (Como) hes and interesting elder, but it went good. he just likes to talk alot.... like ALOT. so I was kind of ready to get back to quiet elder Cranney. but  after splits we just had  normal day. our investigators are doing alright, we met with the Honduran family. la Familia Hernandez, they are super cool but we can hardly meet with them and they never come to church. so that's hard. I think. that will be every mission/missionary problem. no one wants to come to church or they already go to church and don't want to come to our church. Anyways Lucy and Abraham I guess are doing alright. I didn't actually meet with them. but Elder Cranney said that they  were doing pretty good and really liked the book of Mormon. But as investigators go there are not a ton of others.

Today is going to be fun! we are going to the Hollywood sign actually like right now as soon as we are done emailing we will leave and grab some lunch and drive a good 30 min trying to find how to get there... apparently there are no signs or directions.  but hopefully we will get there and have some good fun! This week should be good! hopefully we can set some baptismal dates with Lucy, Abraham and the Hernandez family Because they are all Awesome, its so fun teaching them. Also its been really fun the last few weeks with Elder Cranney. he is teaching me another form of you. In Spanish there is tu and usted. But in certain (very few ) countries they use something  call vos. Not vosotros which translates to you all informal. so now he talks to me in vos and sometimes I get it and then some times he asks me to translate something into vos form and  i get super lost.... but its a work in progress. The thing is is that we are supposed to use the usted form because it is the most formal.... so we will hardly use it and on top of that, vos is in very few countries (mostly central america) and unless you use it correctly it makes no sense. so its a work in progress. Also our apartment is kind-of sort-of infested with ants. ill lay down on the couch and 10 min later there will be a dozen ants just crawling all over me. so im slowly working on cleaning up our apartment and getting it better so hopefully the ants go away.... lets just say this apartment is a mess. I think I've gotten the kitchen and bathroom a lot better, now its the bedroom and study area.... mostly it just needs to have a good deep cleaning and I think it will get rid of some of the main problems. but yeah. Such is life in missionary apartments!


I hope everyone has a great week and a great 4th of July! It seems so weird to think about last years 4th of July trip with friends. A year goes by sooo fast! but its so great.  But thanks for all your love and support and for your letters and everything that you send me! I love it and a truly do feel your support and prayers. I hope everyone has a great week! Happy 4th!


Elder Hollingshead

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