Tuesday, July 15, 2014



well this week was pretty good. nothing too much big happened, other than splits that was a crazy day! First things first is that Lucy and Abraham moved out of the zone.... sad day, but we got contact with them and we sent their info too the other zone leaders and they are starting to teach them! so we are sad but happy. She was actually pretty sad when we told them we couldn't teach them anymore. but supposedly the other missionaries are awesome and very nice and she liked them. but yeah Tuesday we went on splits.... first off was that they started later in the day because Elder Low the district leader had a training on going home (he goes home next week) and so we met the right after that, and lets just say i think that's when if finally hit him that hes going home.... he was shooken pretty bad and forgot to switch the keys and gate unlock-er..... So we had no way to get into the apartment. we had a busy night and left to give and emergency blessing to the ward mission leader's friend who has cancer.... that was sad but after when we got back to the apartment we had to break in... meaning hop the side fence then walk in the alley, then climb a fence jump over and land on the landing of the 2nd story... yeah super fun. it took us about 5 min of looking, scratching our heads and figuring out how to get over the fence without being caught.... something i will probably never do again in my life! that's the fun thing that elder low told me was that whenever i have a bad day and everything goes wrong, he tells me to think "when will i ever be doing this again" and then laugh about it! so that makes everything seem better.


Other than that nothing special has gone on this week. We did find a less active who is super cool and wants to come back.  her name is *** (super hard Latina name) She is from el salvador and went less active like 9 years ago then came here and has had little to no contact with the church. Anyways, she is recently split up with her husband, and she has a 9 month year old baby. she wants to come back, but because she is a single mom she works Sunday, but she really wants to come back. So that was a miracle.  actually she really found us. we were just walking down the street and she was looking at us, then last second before we turned the corner she said "hablan espanol?" (translation, do you speak spanish) we said yes and then she started talking to us and we set a time to be back and she was there.

So yeah that was cool. 

A sad thing this week was that we still haven't had contact with the *** family for over 2 weeks now. we don't know whats up with them.... its sad but there's just nothing we can do... I just hope i don't get transferred because that would be horrible, I really want to stay in this area even though its slow someday it just a really good area!


Well I love you all! I miss you but im glad to be on  a mission! you learn so much, but sometimes its soooo hard, but we learn to endure, to work and to shake off fears. even though im not perfect at anything, progress is progress no matter how small or insignificant progress is, it is still progress and will make everything better. I hope you all Have a great hot week in Arizona or where ever you are at!



Elder Hollingshead


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