Monday, December 8, 2014

December ???

So yeah, this week has been slow.... not the best we had. it was actually a little frustrating. where to begin.

well *** is doing awesome! she is super cool and she got confirmed. Also we watched the hour long restoration video, and she said she only had 30 min, and half way through I told her it was 30min, and she looked at her watch and then just said "why not finish it" so we finished it. she is still super solid. and also the *** family is doing awesome! we had dinner with them on Saturday and they brought some of their friends. and so we shared a quick video and they set a return appointment. now here's the surprise, we did not tell them about church and we show up at church and as I'm playing the opening hymn, they walk in and also their Friends..... so they came to church and stayed for the whole thing. it was great! we hope they start growing potential and also its good that the *** family is doing missionary work! so that was the good things about this week. and the new video is super awesome!  I hope you have seen it. it is basically our street contacting now. we have cards and use it all the time to show to people. sometimes if they have a smartphone we ask them to watch it right there on the street. and it is super powerful.


now the rest of the week was slow and very rough. Monday we couldn't leave our apartment. we were stuck inside all day. also the next day we were going to have to stay in after 5, but literally 15 min before 5 they told us we could stay out. which was great right after we canceled all of our appointments and no one was home.... it was a little frustrating. Also so we had no hot water for 2 days, and our heater was still not working. and Monday night elder earls bike got stolen.... we were both very frustrated. so Tuesday we were walking until about 5 but they another missionary in the zone left his bike so they came and brought it up to us and we used that the rest of the day and elder earl is going to keep it, it is a horrible bike but it works and elder earl has no money to buy another. so yeah then we have had day after day of set appointments and slowly they all fall through. so its just been really slow. then also yesterday it rained basically all afternoon. so we were soaked but elder earl did not care so I was really cold and wet, and again all of our appointments canceled. so we were outside for a few hours in the rain. but we did get our heater working and hot water. so its a nice warm apartment. the heater didn't work for one stupid reason. Birds.... they built a nest in the vent and so it would cut ally the oxygen and the flame would just putter out after 10 sec. but its all cleaned out and we have a nice warm living area.

Nothing else to update, things are just hastening. this work is so awesome Its been a blast to work in this area. so many cool things happen all the time. Christmas is coming and it definably is hard but its great! i love this work and love being out serving others. So its not so bad.. I hope all goes well for you this first week of December! I love you all and hope it all goes well this week!. Hope everyone had a great yummy thanksgiving:) i sure did and was stuffed for about 2 days, but it was super good:)


I love you all!

Elder Hollingshead

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