Tuesday, July 21, 2015

California is Humid!

So hello!


 Yeah this weekend it rained a bit, not too much but enough to say we're not out of water. I think the mountains got more rain than la.

But in all the time I've been here I don't think it's been as humid as it has been this last weekend. It's been pretty miserable. Yesterday it started to rain and so we went back home to grab a sweater so we don' t get to wet, but I was so hot and my shirt was soaked with sweat and then it stopped raining.

This week was going alright, but this weekend was a little frustrating. Saturday it rained a lot during the afternoon, so we got shelter and then Sunday the baptism did not go through, it was a very stressful 3 hours. Let's just say there were some things we didn't know about ** and so I guess even though he seems excited on the outside he told us on Sunday he felt too pushed. We were confused, sad and very stressed. Right now it's still in limbo we don't know what's going to happen with ***, we told him we give it a couple of days and then we will go over and see what his concern and questions are.

Mostly it was his family that was opposing and I think it just got to him. Other than that we really don't have much investigators. We stopped teaching bunch of them this week because they weren't progressing. We did set a date with Linda! Well my comp and his temp comp. I was on exchanges. This week our focus purely on finding and getting new investigators with baptismal dates!

I have got the chance this week to call my previous recent converts and also members who I have gotten close to. The Sunday before departing missionaries leave we have what we call in Spanish the "Despedida" or in English the departing missionary fireside. All the leaving missionaries get to share their finally testimony to those we taught and worked with. So it will be cool and as president says probably the biggest audience I will share me testimony with for a long time! Last year in July August here were almost 800 people. This year I think there will be more. Seeing there are 35 of us leaving.

I love you all and hanks for your support!

Have a great week

Elder Hollingshead


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