Tuesday, July 7, 2015

the 4th War!

Well hello world everyone!


Well this week has been really, really long.  I'm super tired! I think the best thing was zone conference. That as great, but the rest of the week was slow and exhausting. So first to explain why it was so long.

Almost all of the appointments we had set up and people we called, did not want to meet with us. So lots of canceled appointments and it was just frustrating then on top of that Thursday at about 4:30 our bikes got stolen...... Yep!23 months and my bike actually got stolen. So we were left to walk on foot. For 4 days. Today hopefully we will get some extra bike working. Seeing I only have 4 weeks I'm not buying a new bike. Oh and we live outside of our area about a 40 min walk just to get into our work area..... Needless to say we spent a lot of time walking and walking. We got lots of conversations when we weren't in

so much of a hurry to get to places.   Also the 4th of July. LA

sounded like a war zone. From 8 to about 1am there were just constant fireworks. It was almost as good as Heber's show. Except being so far away....  I got a video so I'll show it too you soon. 4 weeks. It's actually really scary.... But we had a big call with president on Saturday and it just pumped us all up and gave us a lot more desires to stay and finish strong.  During zone conference while we were singing the efy medley it was a painful, but good experience. It really hit me how much the gospel and missionary work has been a part of me and how much it has changed me.
We have been talking a lot about faith and fear in the mission. I've made some very interesting connections. We all know that faith and fear are opposites. They can never occupy the same space. And I realized that many of my thoughts  about people and the work are somewhat fearful! Satan's perfect disguise is to make us be fearful.

This could take many forms. But if we have the faith strong enough in our lord and savior Jesus Christ we can cast out all fear. Like John 4 says perfect love casteth out fear. As we have worked and learned about prayers and how prayers precede, faith and love, success and miracles will happen because that "mighty prayer" is the trigger to our actions. If we just casually pray ( repetitious, broad, without real intent, not truly led by spirit) we can't expect to see any miracles. But if we have mighty prayers and ask for specific blessings, it requires us to do a little more and then we can see the lords blessings if it is his will!  So have mighty prayers. It might take All the energy of your heart but it's worth it!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Hollingshead

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