Tuesday, July 14, 2015


July 13, 2015

Well hello everyone! This week has been alright. Most of it was between exchanges and then teaching ***, but he's progressing so much, and he's going to get baptized this Sunday!!! So we still need to help him out so like I'm inviting all the members to do this week is to keep him in your prayers! It will really help him out an be able to achieve this goal in his life! So yeah we went to the visitor center on Thursday. It was amazing! *** just kept asking when we could come again. There is this room here in LA VC that is about 8 missionaries... The missionaries on the district which is e videos we watch for trainings and learning. It talks about the missionaries and their lives before and after the mission and how it has changed them.

So we watched one of the stories... When if came to after the mission my stomach went upside down... It's not that I'm afraid to go home, but I'm afraid In a sense.... But the story is really powerful. Then another thing is that of all the times I've been to the visitor center, I've always done it in Spanish, but because *** usually prefers to speak in English, we did the tour in English. It was a little different. The family video seemed a little more powerful for me and it really made me think of my family and all the love I feel from you all! It's been a marvelous 2 years (almost) and I have grow so much and if it wasn't for you and your support and love I don't think I could have done it!

Anyways. I went on 2 exchanges this week. It was fun! Lots of cool missionaries.! I love just getting to know lots of people. I will definitely not be alone at BYU Idaho! So yeah!

I hope you all have a great week! Stay strong and enjoy the Arizona heat for me.


Elder Hollingshead


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