Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Hola Familia y Amigos

ummm...it’s been cold. Like really cold. I don’t think as cold as mesa but we have no way to escape the  coldness, it’s just cold everywhere. Even everyone here in LA is acting like its freezing. It would say upper 50s to low 40s maybe and they just complain. I think it’s nice other than the fact that when I’m riding my face turns to ice and I can’t see cause my eyes tear up in the cold. Oh and I think it’s been on a role. 4+ weeks in a row with rain. It poured last Friday, It poured this last Saturday, and so it never gets a chance to warm up before it rains. So put it this way, I got all the packages you sent and I am Eternally Grateful for the PJs and the Warm Blanket. I finally slept warm! I really shouldn’t complain, cause it snowing everywhere else. But Over all this week was good and bad, mostly frustrating. I think we really only had like 3 lessons. We had tons planned with backups and everything and seriously I think almost all of them canceled. Super frustrating, especially when it’s only like an hour before, or as we pull up. But yesterday ended on a super good note. No *** did not get baptized, BUT, we did find a place. Basically all Saturday night and Sunday afternoon was taken up helping him find a place. But He found one and he’s planning on moving in early this week. So yeah this Sunday *** is getting baptized.  Also yesterday was the Christmas devotional and he took us there and he enjoyed it. I thought it was a great devotional, music was awesome and the speakers were great, I thought it was interesting that only President Monson spoke and only for 5 min.But Overall it was great. Me and my companion feel bad sometimes because *** is our go to guy, any sort of activity and we want to go we just call him up and he takes us. Also Mondays, because we are lazy and don’t want to ride our bikes, we get a ride from him for shopping. owell, he’s willing and loves the missionaries.

We did visit the family that came to LA English. They seemed golden but,...not as golden as we thought. Lesson went well, the dad likes to talk a lot, and ramble so a short lesson turned out to be long. and at the end he said no to the baptismal information. So we will try to keep visiting teaching. Oh and *** ***, he Moved and we were supposed to help him, but when we got the member and truck and went to his place he had already moved. and we still haven’t been able to call him to see if he lives in our area. So he’s on hold right now. But Last Monday, we called one of our investigators and invited her to a FHE and she came on late notice and LOVED IT! She wants to do her own now, but she lives in a super small apt. she offered to bring refreshments tonight though so yeah. Social Conversion Down now she just needs a ride to church. Other than that nothing much has happened that has been super crazy. OH Before I forget. So as a mission normally 30% of all baptismal dates that we set actually end up being a baptism. President Weidman wants to double that so as of the 1st of Dec there were 140 or so dates for the month of December. So on a normal month only 44 would get baptized. He wants as a goal 89 for this month. So he has asked us missionaries to Invite Every Member, Investigator, and us personally to Pray for 89. So if you would like you can join to. It would be greatly appreciated. When we told Marcos about this goal, he got a smile and then look at us and said so ill pray for 88, cause I’m the 89th. WE got a laugh and that to me just shows how ready he really is. 

Well on Wednesday we have Temple day, so I’m excited to do a session, in English again. We’re going to try and get an investigator to come with us and see the lights sometime cause I personally want to see what they are like. Then Next Sunday is the transfer call. I can’t believe it’s already here. I had my final training meeting and in it president asked all the trainees if they think they would be ready to train next transfer.... I said "I’d be nervous but if you feel that I’m ready I will gladly accept." yeah so who knows maybe I’ll train. My companion really wants to stay another 6 weeks, but he thinks he’s leaving. So who knows maybe I’ll be the senior comp in the area. It’s crazy to think about.

Well I miss You ALL. I love you and pray for you each day. Thanks Mom and Dad for all you do, and for all the things you send me :) Christmas would not be the same without the music. It’s something I’m defiantly going to miss this year. Singing in choir, especially Holiday dinners. I love the music that you sent me and when I saw Piano Guys I was a little confused cause it wasn’t on the list but I thought owell. Well needless to say I’m glad you sent it. I had no idea they had a Christmas cd. Thanks for the Tree, My companion got a kick out of it but owell. It still needs to be decorated but who knows maybe it won’t ever. At least there’s some Christmas spirit. I love you all and hope you all have an enjoyable season. Merry Christmas.


Elder Hollingshead


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