Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Well Skype should be a go. The member said they should be able to hook me up with a camera and computer. I honestly don’t know when we’re calling. Probably around 12 here. Remember the time difference.  I guess I’ll call you first or shoot you a text or something saying I’m ready. I’m excited to see everyone and talk to you. 

 Well first things first. Yes *** got baptized! It was an awesome service even though we were not very prepared. Our Ward mission leader is supposedly the one who goes before hand and turns the water on. He told absolutely no one that he was not going. We were running a little late because we forgot something at the apartment. When we got there like 5 min before it was supposed to start the font was just barley to the 1st step. and it was supposed to be at the 4th. Oh and we heard that it takes close to 2 hours to fill. Let’s just say there were many miracles. The Zone leaders weren’t coming, but they had the clothes. Thankfully there was a Tongan bishop who had a bunch of plus sizes that we could use.  But over all the service went well. It was his birthday the exact same day also, and he was just super happy. His face was beaming when he got out of the font and came back into the room. Sunday was good. *** came to church. She is progressing really well and is very prepared. Her guy friend she’s living with ( yeah, they’re not married) is a little hard headed. He loves meeting with us and talking with us. does not see the need to change. He smokes and has no desire to quit. and that’s not the only one he has problems with. The word of wisdom lesson went awesome and a goal that Isabel made even before we met with her is that she wanted to celebrate the holidays Alcohol free. She is more than willing to give up coffee and follow the word of wisdom. This Thursday is the law of chastity. Let’s hope it goes alright.

 And then randomly a lady stopped us on our bike and started talking to us and we planned a little bible study and since she does not celebrate holidays we doing it Christmas eve. yeah... she’s interesting. She insists that the Sabbath day is on Saturday, and that holidays should not be celebrated because they are of "Men". It sounds like a very interesting religion. So we are going to study and then share the restoration. Thank goodness it’s in English not Spanish.

 Sunday is also played for the choir in our ward. The program went well, and from my point of view, the guys sang a whole lot better than the women. Kind of the opposite of all other things. Oh and we had a mission Christmas devotional on Saturday with president. It was good. long we left at 7:15 or so to take the bus, and got back at 4 yeah. owell. Just a very simple read aloud sing along part then lunch. I honestly don’t know why it took so long. And I was expecting mail. I got the package not last Friday but the Friday before that. I told the ZLs to drop it off and they never did and I’m still waiting for it now. They are dropping off all the mail tonight finally. I’m excited.

That’s really all that’s happening around here in LA. I Hope everything is alright back at home. Enjoy Christmas Eve’s eve. I have learned that Hispanic and American traditions are very different. For them any holiday is an excuse to party and play loud music. For them the holiday is Christmas Eve. That’s when they party all day and night till midnight and then open presents then. Christmas day is just a day off. Basically. I’m the weird white kid who does everything the opposite. And my companion is Hispanic so for some reason he thought we called on Christmas Eve and I had to tell him that it was Christmas day. It’s super weird. I’ll get used to it. So yeah it will be Wednesday when I’ll see you.

I love you all and hope you all have a very merry Christmas. Enjoy breakfast at grandmas and having all the Christmas traditions. See you Wednesday!

Elder Hollingshead
Making Tortillas


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