Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Los Angeles Temple

Z in the Apartment

Happy Holidays. I think if finally hit me that Christmas is next week, even though it does not feel like it at all. I was just getting used to the cold weather, then I got the blanket n stuff, then Tuesday, our apartment got checked and the guy lite the pilot on the heater, so that was working, and he also called in the window. Needless to say, we have a nice warm, non-drafty apartment now. and then this week came, no rain and it warmed right back up. So yeah it definatly does not feel like Christmas. Many has this week been tiring. Wednesday we had Temple day. President wants us as missionaries to use the bus more, to contact people. So yeah we took the bus to Santa Monica, which meant we had to wake up around 4 to be at the bus stop before 5:30. Then an hour and a half bus ride to get us to the temple by 7:15. Yeah, then we took the bus back. so it was a long day. at one of the stops where we switched buses. there was a couple of members from the 4th ward. It was in Hollywood. and he started joking around with us, and another member tried to sneak up and scare us, thinking we were their missionaries. It was funny. They helped us out, and asked the bus driver to let know when to get off. Super funny.

The rest of the week. has just been long. We had a 2 hour lesson on the plan of salvation with our new investigator Isabel and her hopefully husband. It got super long and repetitive, but they did go to the Christmas party on Friday.  Social conversion is completely down, now we got to get them to come to church. That’s the #1 problem with most investigators, church attendance. Most of early afternoon times were helping *** find a place. He found one Friday. We were super excited! so we had a plan to move him the next day. The only problem was he was working a double shift, or almost 24 hours. and of course he got of super late. So we could not find him. He has no phone and no way to contact us. He finally got ahold of a phone and called us. at 7:30. He said he went straight from work to the bank cashed out basically all of his money and went to the new place and paid, but he couldn’t move in till the next day (Sunday). We called the Zone leaders and they told us that unless we were 110% sure he was moving the next day, he could not get baptized. So yeah it did not happen at all. We were afraid to break that to him at church the next day. We were bummed, but relieved cause we were not really ready at all.

So yeah at church we talked to him and he told us that it was completely fine to push it one more week cause his birthday is on Saturday! Yeah so that was fine and then we needed to move him out that day, because the Hermana wanted him out. Nobody was available to help, obviously so we went to lunch at someone’s house. and the Less Active member there, who has a huge hauling truck was available. But he had one condition, we had to help someone else move that was living next door. We were desperate so yeah we moved two people yesterday. Not the Sabbath day I expected. But *** is moved and Plans are being made for this Sunday. Then Only Problem is that he absolutely has no money until Thursday. So we hope everything is alright this week. But even with this financial situation he wants to pay tithing, but can’t cause he not a member yet.

After the moving yesterday, we went to a missionary fireside. *** and his Sister are Eternagators. I think it’s been 2+ years. He has a testimony, but doesn’t want to change, but they wanted to go to the fireside so we went with them and even though we were like 25 mins late it was still a goodtime. got a ride back from a member, and then we waited for the transfer call. We were both a little anxious, but president did not make many changes and were both staying in the area.

Even through, the tiredness, homesickness, the hard work, and just crazy life here in LA, I am glad I’m here. I’m learning so much and it just beginning. 2 years will go by fast and I just can’t wait for the next crazy thing that’s going to happen. I love this gospel and I love this Christmas season. I can’t wait to talk to you! Enjoy the holidays and truly remember what Life is all about. This week has been hard to focus on what this season is about because of all the things that have gone on, but I know that our heavenly Father Loves us and Cares enough for us that he sent his Son Jesus Christ To this earth, to be Our Brother, Our Savior, and Our Redeemer. My 2 favorite Christmas Songs this year. O Come, O Come Emmanuel, and What Child is This.  Why? First of all they are awesome! and they really remind me of the true meaning of this time of year. I love you! (or as Elder Stone emailed me today) I Love Y'all! I keep you in my prayers, and I hope you keep me in our prayers also. Have Great Week.


Elder Hollingshead.

PS Enjoy the pictures! That’s our apartment. yeah its messy, we didn’t get to clean it up last week. That’s the temple. and us on the bus. And find the Hollywood sign! Probably got some of this mixed up.

Z with a Member at the Temple

Some of us at the Los Angeles Temple

On the bus to the Los Angeles Temple!

Elder Hollingshead,  Elder Marin & Some Members

Do you see the Hollywood Sign?

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