Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Pues.... Elder Marin was sick for the first half of the week. So that made things really hard, but he is back all better now! It has just been a long week, but a fun week. So Elders Egbert and Williams had a baptism last week, and he got confirmed this week. Also from the same area, they had another baptism this week, and so since I’m basically the only piano player in the ward, I get to go to all of the baptisms. So yeah that’s always fun. Also yesterday before the baptism, we ate a La Familia Martinez, he made ribs, and they were good, but Dad I do have to say, you make some pretty dang good ribs. Owell, Tuesday we contacted a referral, she is super awesome! her best friend from Mexico was a member and got sealed and within a few years after she got married, her friend died and she has had no contact with the church ever since. She used to go to all the activities and youth conferences. She is awesome, the only problem is that she says the only time she is available is Mondays in the morning. First of all that’s during studies, and second it’s p-day and we usually don’t finish everything till 3or so. But she canceled this morning so we will try to call and explain our situation and try to meet another day.

Wednesday we visited a few less actives, but it was slow because elder Marin just did not feel good at all. Owell. Thursday we got a lot of advertising in for LAE, basically the Zone leaders and President said advertise or LAE goes away. And it’s true after the Holidays everything picked up a little, but the last Saturday was a little pathetic. casi ninguna persona came! owell. Friday we had Zone training, and there are a few new rules. So apparently like 1 or 2 weeks before I left home they changed some rules for Elders Dress and Grooming. my packet said dark colors and suits. now it can be any conservative color, including tan and light grey. but that really doesn’t apply. but they also changed a worldwide mission rule. NO backpacks. nada... only shoulder/side bags.  they want us to carry as little as possible. We have Interviews with President on Wednesday so I’ll ask him what I should do, because shoulder bags are probably the worst I could do to my back. I’m not trying to be rebellious ( like my companion who does not like this rule at all) but at the same time I don’t want to mess my back up and be in pain so.... we’ll see. President also wants us to de junk our apartments. Good idea I think because there is a lot of things in our apartment. so that’s what I’ll be doing today.  I went on splits with The Zone leaders. Elder Haro came here in our area with me. It was good we met with **and *** and taught the restoration, and also *** and *** about the book of Mormon. So we have some good investigators now. Hopefully we can meet with them and teach them more. I learned a lot and In the PPI with Elder Haro, he helped me set some goals, personal and companion, and so that was good. he says since the last time he went on splits with me a month ago, my Spanish has improved. that made me feel a little better, but even then I have noticed that my Spanish has improved. I understand about the same amount, but I can speak what I want to say a little easier.

But yeah. Thanks for sending that stuff, I’ll be getting it this Friday, hopefully. Oh and yeah Saturday night as we were visiting the ***’s, our bikes were right outside the door and all the sudden one of my tires, completely deflated. the nozzle basically tore off and then as it started to deflate my patch failed and it just let all the air out. thankfully we had an extra tube from the broken bike, so we asked if they could take us to the apartment real quick and pick up the tube.

 Well, I missed all the tree pruning... Sounds fun! yeah, people ask me how big my house and yard is and everything and then I start listing the # of trees we have and they are just amazed. mostly because I have a yard that fits all this... California is expensive that’s all I’m going to say. and there’s no such thing around here as a yard. if you have a big enough lot, there’s an apartment or 2 in the back that people rent out. Owell, I don’t plan on living here after my mission anyways, as of right now at least. Oh and so the ***, recent converts that couldn’t have kids, gave elder marin a birthday present, and they also gave me a ukulele. He asked me what else do I play and I said ukulele. He asked what it was, and then said. I’m going to get you one. ... and that’s exactly what he did. Let’s just say he has no kids, so all the missionaries, the 12 of us in the ward are his kids and he spoils us all.

Thanks again for all your prayers. I hope everything is going alright for all of you. I pray for you all the time. I know this is the Lords work, and it is moving forward faster than ever. I hope you have all made some good new year’s goals and I hope that you all especially read the book of Mormon. I love you all!

Elder Hollingshead

pics... my ukulele, and *** riding a mini bike... I think he’s 15 at heart.

The Ukulele Bro. *** gave me!
Bro. *** is 15 at heart!

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