Tuesday, January 21, 2014



Well this week has been pretty good. Lots of weird things happened. But super cool things. But be glad you’re getting this email. ITs MLK day and all libraries are closed today... so we asked Zone leaders what to do. they said talk to The AP's asked them and they told us to go to an Internet café or something... the nearest one is On Hawthorne and Lennox, basically on the other side of the zone, and it cost 5 or 6 bucks and hour... we almost weren't going to do email because of the pain it would be. but they told us we could go to the church building and use the clerk’s office computers. So yeah it’s a blessing. So let’s see... Wednesday we were walking down the street and all the sudden some white guy from across the street started yelling "Elders...Elders come over here." so we thought he was going to ask for some money but no... He’s a member, but he has been using drugs for many years and he is in rehab right now. He wanted a blessing so we gave him a blessing right there on the side of the road. It was super crazy but I could tell that even though it was loud and hard at this time, he could feel the spirit. We gave him a book of Mormon and the address of the ward building. so I hope he comes back. We went and visited ***. He’s doing well, but on the weekends he’s super board. He doesn't work for 2 almost 3 days and he usually works at night so he has absolutely nothing to do other than church and stuff. So usually when we go we spend a lot of time just talking and visiting because he has no visitors and really no one to visit.

We had interviews with president and they were good. No I do not need to get a side bag. He gave us some things to work on and one was shoe shinning. Apparently some missionaries never do it. I usually do it every other week but now I’m trying to do it every other day or so. President says he shines his shoes every day, I’m not sure I really believe it. We weren't able to visit ***... she said she was going to call Thursday, but she forgot and we forgot to call her so... nothing happened.  but we did visit *** (not the Recent convert) He and his buddy are super prepared. Although Marcos might be a member already, he said he was baptized when he was young. Anyways they are ready and we will teach them tomorrow, we had a long visit last night as lesson 0 how to begin teaching. Saturday night we went and visited ***. It has been 2 weeks and we were afraid she was not interested anymore. But no she is still interested, she and everyone who lives there was super sick and that's why we couldn't meet with her. She should be coming to the FHE tonight. Other than that it was a normal week, lots of LA English ads, lots of contacting, LOTS of referrals, we got 6 yesterday and that's not including the others we have received throughout the week. Its crazy hard to keep up with them.

Yesterday was a little different. It was stake conference, but it was State conference, or at least Southern CA. it was good but super short, it ended 25 mins early. But it was good, it was weird being there listening in English, and with a bunch of white people. But The Stake center was packed full of people, which is good.

Thanks for the package, yep I got my tire fixed and it works great now. I have brakes and it coasts a little better so all is good. Thanks for the CD's there were 2 duplicates of cds you already sent me so I just gave it to my companion. Sounds like you have been busy working at Grandmas house. Sometimes I do miss doing all the odd jobs around the house and fixing things. Has it been Warm in Mesa? It’s been almost 80 if not warmer some days here. And since Southern California is in a drought right now, there is going to be a special Fast for February for rain. Reminds me of the time we did that and the next week it rain... A Lot. Transfers are the first week of February, and I’m pretty sure and also my companion that he’s leaving. Any ways President hinted at that during his interview.

 I hope all is going well and Remember that I pray for you every day! I’m Glad Ryan passed his test! Keep up the good work and Have a Great week.


Elder Hollingshead

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