Monday, January 6, 2014

The New Year

Hello Everybody!

 Well this week not much has really gone on. In fact the end of this week was a little boring for me. Elder Marin and I went on splits, so I went to another area as usual, and they apparently had some spaghetti, and both of them had the runs all night, so my companion has been pretty beat up by this and it hasn’t gotten better. We still go out and stuff, but we stay longer at places and also we have come in a little earlier each night so he can sleep. So I’ve just gone along for the ride and just read more ensign's or write in my journal. Let’s just say it has been an interesting few days. Yesterday we went to 2 baptisms, one in our district, and another for someone else in our ward. I was the piano player and that was the reason we went. So that was really all we did Sunday was go to the baptisms and have lunch at like 3 at a members house. Backtracking to Tuesday.

Tuesday we gave some service to a member, then we tried to go find a few other people, but nada... so we put a few LAE adds and then went back to that members house to have a little New year’s./my companions Birthday celebration.  Yeah it was his birthday and we spent it playing games in our apartment because Mission President wanted us in our places by 6 pm. Yeah so nothing really happened. Wednesday the same kind of happened, LAE advertising all early afternoon, then visited a less active Nelson who just got here from El Salvador. He super chill and cool just comes up with excuses for not going to church with his mom. Owell we went and got dinner somewhere I don’t remember then my companion had to do an interview, so we went to the ward building and that took the rest of the night basically, because we couldn’t leave the sisters there with their investigator as they planned the baptism. Thursday we met with *** and talked about fasting, because he had lots of questions about it and how long and when to start. Still haven’t been able to meet with **. His family is a little frustrating and we think they don’t want us coming. We found him New Year’s, but they were having a little celebration so teaching was not an option. and then he didn’t come to church, so I have a feeling that it’s going to be a struggle to teach him. We also had dinner with Familia ***. It was good, but I was stuffed. Then we went to ***s house and tried to teach half of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It went horrible. Her brother, and boyfriend were just bickering about everything and they did not understand what repentance really is. Of course that is kind of their problem because they never let us teach about it. It went way to long and we just tried to leave, but then she insisted that we eat with them, so we had yet again a second dinner. I ate a lot that day.

On that note, yeah I have gained some weight. But all the members still try to make me eat more and more. Friday we went on splits and Elder Cisneros is Soooo trunky. But he is still working and getting things done, but all he talked about was "in a month I will be doing ...." Owell you gotta love him. 

But it sounds like you have been busy. New Year’s sounds fun, better than ours. We played 4 games of pokemon, cause my companion wanted to teach me how to play, and I won all of them. Then some members did a drop off, dinner run. and it was American food! Actually it was kind of weird since I haven’t eaten a potato in a while. But now the New Year is here and it’s weird to think that its 2014 already! Time flies. I hope everyone is doing great back home. I’m glad I’m here in LA even through all the weird things I’ve gone through. I don’t know if you have read the new ensign yet, but I really enjoyed the first article by the first presidency When to plant a tree. It’s really made me think on some goals that I want to have this year for myself. And I hope all of you will make some good meaningful goals this New Year.  I love you all and Hope you have a great week!

Feliz Ano

Elder Hollingshead

Ps. let me add a few more things on the list. A spoke wrench. (The small round thing to true a rim.) and my efy cds 2010 and 11 ( courage and believe), and also Jon schmit cd. As of right now I think I’m good. but I need the wrench quickly, my accident did actually put my tire out of trueness and so I have no front brake. There is no Walmart in our zone, and target does not have one.

Thanks, I love you!

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