Monday, January 27, 2014

Hello Everybody!

Well this week has been pretty good. We found 2 new families this weekend, and they are awesome and have a ton of potential. One stopped us on the street and told us they wanted to feed us, so we set a time, but had no idea who they were. We then found their number in the phone under former investigator, and they are awesome and have had lots of contact with the church. They have 4 kids and then the dad has 2 others. The other family is awesome too. The Husband does not have a ton of interest, for right now. She has lots of question and knows a lot about the bible, but not in a bashing way, she just doesn’t understand it. We found, not really, this family by a text. Someone from somewhere sent the Information, from another mission to ours and it finally got to the right place. We called them up because it said "some of the family are members, the others are interested, want a blessing". We called and set a time up later that night, and they wanted a blessing on their home. So we get there finally (gave wrong street) and we find out the family situation. One couple is Very Active, and very strong in the church, they were visiting and the wife is a member, and they were at her sister’s house.  Basically we talked for a long time, and then the Active Brother, gave a blessing for the house, and then came an hour and a half discussion about religion. This is a super prepared family.
Other than that nothing much new has happened. We thought we might get Ipads on Friday. Salt lake was here and they called an emergency meeting with all leadership. So I stayed with another elder and we went and tried to contact our referrals. but no iPad, just a basic meeting. owell. The Zone Leaders changed English class, from Tuesdays and Saturday to Tuesdays and Thursdays. We weren’t very happy because they just took another night, which is the best time to contact people. Very hard because Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday are already taken now. Owell we will make things work out.

Well I know this email is short, but we have ran out of time. The library is under computer updating, so we had to come to the Church building again. I Love you all, and I love this gospel. I'm so glad I’m here on a mission in LA. I'm grateful for my challenges and lessons I’m learning here. I hope you are all doing well.

I love you and pray for you each day. Stay strong and Be Happy! :)


Elder Hollingshead

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