Monday, February 3, 2014

Hello Everyone!

Well this week has been Great! So when I got to this area in October, it was really dead, the only investigator was **** but now we have so many investigators. ITS AWESOME! And this last week it was so hard to plan and meet with all of our investigators. But Of course, as soon as it’s a golden area, I get transferred. Yep I’m leaving this area....  :( Super sad, but not going too far. I will be whitewashing an area in this ward, in the same district! So as my comp says, I’m fake white washing. So yeah I will be going there with some other elder I don't know and my companion will be Training in this area again! He’s not excited at all. Before the call last night, I was 90% sure he was leaving and I was staying. But the complete opposite. So as my companion says, he was called to the mission of Inglewood 2nd, not LA. After this transfer he has been in the ward for just about a year. It’s crazy. So basically I packed everything up last night except my clothes. and yeah ready to go tomorrow morning. I’m super sad but, I will still be in the same ward and district. What else happened this week.... oh only a completely new bishopric. Yeah so the new bishop, is the son of a previous bishop, who was in another ward and was asked to come back to the Spanish ward to be bishop. I don't understand, because there are a few people in this ward that are fully capable. But I’m not Stake president so I have no say. Then, Bro. Martinez is first Counselor, and then someone else I don't really know is 2nd. So yeah the bishop and first counselor are only 29, and both of their wives had their baby this week. So let’s just say it was a hectic week for them.

Other than that, *** and *** came to church! We did not expect it at all, in our last lesson we invited them and they said they would come... sometime. The only thing is that their 2 year old, is a little crazy and they had a hard time keeping him occupied and quiet during sacrament, but we explain that there is nursery for the rest of church, and he was great for the rest of the time. We met with *** finally and she is fine, but still she hasn't come to church. but she still has lots of potential. We met with *** and she has lots of questions and some of which we really don't know how to answer.  Basically we had lunch with her and then, taught the restoration and the book of Mormon and then she just asked more questions for an hour. owell. Other than that, nothing much new has happened, just crazy busy. We have had lots of new changes with the English class. Now it’s on Thursday night not Saturday, but Tuesday we had soo many people come to class. It was full! Like Packed!!!! Super exciting. 

 So fasting works, and the church is true! So we had our fast for rain, and literally at 5-6 it started pouring and it rained for most of the night last night. Thankfully we were at a baptism and Ivan was giving us a ride so he just gave us rides the rest of the night. But it was good to have rain. I hope it goes your way and you get some too in AZ. So I have seen so many miracles here in LA and I hope to continue to see miracles. I hope my new area will be great. I know this area has struggled a little bit in the past. But Elder Cisneros said before he goes home he wanted to change this area and make it better than it was. And he did that, even though it’s not a perfect area, there are now investigators in the area and it has lots of potential. So I have Deep Faith that we will do great there. Oh and also I heard, ( not for sure) that my new companion has been out for a year or so, but... he requested to be junior comp his whole mission, so I might be the senior comp, or well just both be juniors. Either way it’s weird to think I’ve been out for almost 6 months now. Time Fly's when in the service of the Lord.

I love you all and keep you in my prayers all the time. Keep up the good work with missionary work and taking people to the temple. That is something that I wish I could have here, a Temple open house, but there is a visitor center so it’s good enough. Have a great week!


Love Elder Hollingshead


ps. so that’s me and Ivan, and then the group is Ivan, elder Cisneros (scarf) and elder Wilson.

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