Monday, March 24, 2014

Dear Everyone!


Well this week has been pretty good. I've been a little super tired some days. Tuesday was transfers and it was just a little stressful, but all is well and we got back and I relaxed a little while my comp unpacked. Elder Tramel is Awesome! He really has great work ethic and I was glad for that, because I love elder Schwalger, but sometimes I felt like we were a little lazy. But I do miss him, it was a quick companionship but it was fun. Elder Tramel, has an extremely strong testimony and it really strengthened mine. He has worked the last 3 transfers in a place called the Jungle. and it really is a jungle. Just look it up and you'll figure it out. It’s basically just a place where as he says people just failed in life. The problem for Spanish is that its only blacks up there very few Hispanics.

Anyways so sorry, this email is so late we had to go to the mission office to finish because my comp has an interview with president. So it took most of our early afternoon driving. anyways so this week we have been somewhat busy, our area is still slow but we did find and teach Marvin (roman) he’s cool, he has already seen the restoration video and he seems pretty interested, Our first lesson was good but it got cut off because it was a little late. So yeah that was good. So we found also a street contact that was interested. When we stopped by a couple days later she said to wait because she wanted to bring her Friends over to listen too. But I think she just thinks it’s a bible study and it’s an excuse not to go to church. 

Other than that this week has been pretty good. We have done a lot of LA English advertising. It’s pretty good, better than tracting. Then this week.  We had the opportunity to go to the temple and do service while it is closed. Mostly we just pulled weeks but it was a nice relaxing sort of day. Then we had district meeting and Elder Craven is our DL now and he is awesome. He’s got like 2 transfers left but super strong and loves the mission. He’s one of my new favorite elders. I have a lot. This week we also ate at the *** for dinner Tuesday night and they had friends from AZ come over and visit with them. We shared a message with one of the couples, but they turned us down hard and wouldn't accept anything we tried to offer. but The Grandparent of them all came to church on Sunday with them so it was cool to see the *** do missionary work. We stopped by the *** a couple of times and they are doing alright. Still don't come to church. and the * didn't come either.... I just want them to come to church. They only came once in the last transfer. But on a good note, the *** came to church for all 3 hours! Yay so overall I’m excited for this next transfer!

I love you all, and hope all is going well. Send me some pictures I want to see people. I hope Brayden’s open house was good. Oh and what’s the deal with the war in Russia and Ukraine? I’m trying to email Sam to see if he’s affected by this and if he will actually go to Russia. Anyways. I love you all and always pray for you. 



Elder Hollingshead

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