Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Well Hello Everyone,

First off Transfer Info.... IM STAYING Yay! but my comp is going to 6th ward, in an area called the jungle. It’s called that because it is crazy, it’s literally pure blacks and it’s always dead. But were kind of doing a swap, he's going there and the elder that is there is coming here. Elder Tramel, he's cool I've talked to him before and he sounds like a fun elder.  But, yeah so there is a lot of change with our ward. Usually only a couple of companionships have been changed, but this time every companionship in the zone is being changed. but it will all be good. My companion is a little frustrated, but I think he will survive. We did not go to the Hollywood sign, no one else wanted to go... and it would take forever on bus. and since people are leaving a bunch of us are going to hang out at our apartment. But something fun happened this morning. So we have 3 alarms to get us up in the morning.  (don't make fun of us) and the first one goes off like 7 min before 6:30. Usually I just ignore it and leave it on, but this morning I was awake enough to reach over and turn it off. after I was just lying there and then I felt a little rumble, but didn't think about it because we are on the 2nd floor with parking under us so it’s pretty normal to feel a shake once and a while, but no right after that it just started rumbling even more. So yeah there must have been some sort of earthquake this morning. So fun stuff, but it only shook for about 10 sec. and nothing after that. So nothing big. People are used to this around here. Especially this time of year. Because it was super cold 2 weeks ago and then it warmed up super quick to mid-80s because of the dramatic change the earth likes to move. So probably won’t be the first one I’ll feel here.

This week has been long that's for sure but we did find 2 new investigators but one is moving this week so we are bummed. Anyways. The other is a former who seems super nice and likes to talk to missionaries. Also we got 2 awesome referrals this last weekend so we should get some investigators out of that. But yesterday was alright, we have taken a bunch of pictures with people this whole week and a bunch Sunday. Then after church we went to a baptism, it was good, short, and not many people there but it was good. The hot water heater didn't work or something so it was very cold. The lady being baptized was freezing then after we went to the departing missionary fireside, because my comp wanted to go. Mostly just to see other missionaries but anyways it was good. Elder Haro (my zone leader) was leaving and elder Baich and the previous AP so a bunch of people and it was great. Lots of good testimonies and a great time and place to feel the spirit.

This week during my personal studies I have been reading in Alma. and it just so happened that our District meeting was focused on the book of Mormon and how we need to study it everyday. Even if we have read it multiple times. And I can truly say yes to that. I think this time reading through I have gotten so much more out of it. It might be because I’m looking for more things that just apply to me. I have read the book of Mormon all the way through I think 4 times now. and I’m on my 5th time. and I think my love for the book of Mormon has really grown. I just finished the New testament, and it was a great read, (up until revelations) but I learned a lot more about the life of Jesus Christ, but still the book of Mormon tops it all. It truly is the Keystone of our religion; it teaches so plainly and sets us apart from the rest of the world. also a couple of weeks ago we were discussing that in our street contacting, we really need to focus on our "special Message" because it really is a special message no one else in the world has anything like this. I love this gospel and love this opportunity I have to be here in LA serving a mission. I love you all I hope everything is going well with you. I pray for each of you. Life is hard here sometimes, but I know that I have all of you supporting me and praying for me. I love you all and it gives me strength to really push forward some days when I just don't really want to.  Keep up the good work, and Stay Strong


Elder Hollingshead

 ***(NOTE FROM MOM:  The earthquake was centered in Westwood about 10 miles from him, and was a 4.4)*** 

Ps. these pics are of me and my comp right now. and then the zone (basically) and last week the pictures at the park was with some ward members and missionaries to celebrate Hna Eastman’s birthday. So yeah. Enjoy.


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