Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FUN In south central

Well this week has been busy. We have just been packed everyday! Its been hard to get our 20 convs. everyday. anyways.... so where to start. well we got another 8 new investigators. yeah ALOT.... its hard to keep track of all of them and plan lessons for all of them and then try to visit them 2 times a week. while still visiting less active members and dinner appointments and meetings..... lets just say I've been absolutely exhausted this weekend. on top of that we had to go to Santa Monica for an emergency zone conference to see MEET THE MORMONS. it was good....well the 20 min we saw.  it had problems because we were streaming and halfway through windows basically crashed and after that it just wouldn't load fast enough.... so supposedly we will watch it all before it comes out on the 10th. but what we saw it was good. It's really just a  documentary on like 6 families and how they live the faith. Anyways we had to take the bus, and it was a forever long bus ride out there, but o well. so yeah we got lots of new investigators, it's crazy how much. It just surprises me how much people are ready to hear the gospel here. There are so many people ready. its fun! our first new investigators is *** and his mom. He and his family went to Utah and went to the Ogden open house and then his info got sent from the temple square VC, so he's super cool. he wants to learn more, one of his neighbors is super cool, and she is a member and so she comes over all the time and visits them. then here's the fun story of the week and a awesome miracle. so Monday night we get a call from a random number, so I answer and its a member that lives outside the mission.... how they got our number I don't know. BUT it doesn't matter. so this guy named *** was referred. So his dad became a member of the church after ** came to the states. so he has his family and ** dad recently came up from the states to visit his family here in LA. but halfway through his vacation he got super sick and died suddenly..... This happened last Friday. so *** didn't know what to do for a church service so he told his buddy and his buddy referred him to us. so we went over and talked about the situation with ***. SUPER AWESOME FAMILY! I love them. so his dad was super faithful and had his temple recommend with him. so we briefly talked about the church and then talked about the plan of salvation. They love the lesson and right after we were going to go try and visit a couple of less actives, but no they made us food and wanted us to stay. need less to say we had 2 dinners that night and 3 new investigators with his family. ***'s oldest son just came from El Salvador 9 months ago, so he loves talking to us in Spanish and is just a super cool kid. they told us we could stop by on Sunday, but it ended up his brother came from El Salvador to pick his dad up so they could have his funeral down there. so we couldn't pass by, but they are super awesome! I love them so much.

So yeah we got some other new investigators. one named ***! She is super cool also. she just found out that her brother has cancer, so she is making an emergency trip to Mexico in 2 weeks to see him. so we taught her the plan of salvation and she loved it. we asked her some ?s and she told us that she had never thought of life like that and that she really like this plan that god has for us. So she  should be super good and teach able. she doesn't know anything about the bible.  Then also yesterday we got ***. hes a cold guy. An alcoholic, can't read, and super humble. he wants to change, he knows he has a problem so he wants to change, in fact he told us we can come any day to help him overcome his addiction. I think there will be some groups in the church for those recovering alcoholics so hopefully he can get there. But, honestly this area has a miracle everyday. We work hard, and because of that I think that is why there have been so many awesome things happening. and just like Ammon said in I think alma 24:17  I'm only boasting of my God. because it is the only reason behind it. HE is everything and my testimony has grown so much in him. I was commenting to my companion the other day, that the more I've learned and the more I've studied, the more I've realized how perfect Christ's church is. And that I know without a doubt that what I teach everyday and have taught for the last year is true! so Keep studying. You would not believe how hard it is to get people to read just 5 min everyday. So study it everyday, and if you do you can receive and answer. We were teaching the *** family. and I asked ** if he had read and he said no. so I told him that is why he dosnt know if it is true. but I've seen a huge change in him recently and like hna corona said "they are super prepared and will be baptized someday" its true they are super awesome. I love them so much. It so interesting, but as I have been out here, I learn to love people so quickly and its so weird how as soon as people say no or say don't come by anymore, I feel a weight and I feel sad, because I know that if they actually keep going they can know if it is true and receive the most happiness ever! anyways That is all! I love you all! keep up your prayers and stuff! They truly do work.


Elder Hollingshead

ps. so I forgot to tell you a few weeks ago, I got invited back for the baptism of ** and ***, from when I was with Elder Cranny! so yeah that is them in the picture.
**&*** Baptism

then that is my new comp and the temple it was a awesome trip. and then the poster, I found in another apartment, I thought I was pretty good. so enjoy!

Z & Elder Earl

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