Saturday, September 13, 2014

Week 1 training... = AWESOME

Week 1 training... = AWESOME

Well hello everyone!

SO this week has been crazy fun! lots of miracles and lots of crazy new things. SO yeah, My Trainee. His name is ELDER EARL. Hes cool. he grew up in Utah and then moved to virgina 4 years ago. Hes cool. hes 19 but just graduated from High school. Hes right in the middle of his family, and he told me today that hes actually really missing home right now.... so yeah.... Its hard but its a stage we all have to go through to progress. Anyways. yeah so Tuesday we got up early to get to artesia. We had a little training and then did a little planning for what we would do. Then we headed back up to our area with our new comp! Hes got super good Spanish for 6 weeks. well he did take 4 years in high school, and was in the intermediate class so yeah that's really good. he loves to talk to everyone in Spanish too. I told him to watch out for that, because los morenitos (blacks) don't like that at all, and on top of that, were in south central... not the safest place. Anyways life has been good here, lots of miracles and fun! So basically all the missionaries around us have greenies. Its great. We are literally the freshest zone! But yeah, so where do we begin. Well we met with ventura a couple of times this week. we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. they liked it, we focused ont he need to get baptized. then we came back on saterday and taught them. well we read with them from 2 nep 31. again we focused on baptism and that gate we need to enter. we invited them to be baptized and they said yes!
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 anyways continuing. So we kindof sortof, put October 19th as a date for them. We will follow up this week on that. also we set a date for sure with the *** family. That was super good. and it was all by the spirit. that is something ive learned a lot on the mission is to create a lesson plan and then listen hard to the spirit, and it will tell you exactly what you need to say, invite, or teach. So we invited them, and they both said YES! it was awesome! I love it, Inviting people to be baptized is the best, then we set a date for the 12th of October. el hermano, he has a few doubts and the biggest is the book of Mormon. we will be taking them to the visitor center this Saturday so hopefully that will help him see the truth of the message. the problem with them is that they don't come to church, and on top of that, this week is stake conference, so it will be far to get people to church, its all the way in downy.... anyways that's another problem. We met with ** last night and talked about the book of Mormon. he really liked it, and told us he would read it. Luis loves science and so he talked a lot about how this answers the ?s over where the natives came from. he super smart. awesome guy. Then we got 2 new investigators, **+**. they are both super humble and love their family. Lots of cool things happened in the lesson. they were a street contact reffereal. they want to know how they can become a stronger family with god in the middle. so yeah super prepared, the only problem is that they work a lot and are hardly home to visit, so we just told them we would stop by and see how everything is going. Yeah.
So yeah now to street contacts. so our goal as a mission now is 20 contacts everyday. in our area theres a lot of people so its not super hard. we have found lots of cool potential. one of them it was this 30 or so year old woman, she had a daughter, and was waiting for the bus. as we were talking to her, she at first didn't not seem interested, but we mentioned living day prophets and she perked up and then as we talked a little more, she started to cry a little. I have no doubt she felt the spirit. she gladly gave us her info. we stopped by late last night, and she was busy, but she told us next sunday. as we looked in. I think she's a single mom of 3 kids. it just looked like things were hard. but she has lots of potential. then there was another we saw waiting for the bus (its always at the bus stops) she was a mom with 2 little kids. we started talking to her, and she really looked at us and then she started talking to us. She lives in north Hollywood (far away) and she is in drug rehab. she was supposed to be released this month, but they told her that, she needs to stay in another 4-5 months. she was super depressed, she took her last 8 hour pass, to spend time with her kids to go shopping with them. She was on her way back to Hollywood when we contacted her, she started balling right there. She told us she really wants to hear our message, life has been hard for her, but at this time she cannot receive any visits. we gave her a card and told her to look it up, and that when she can visit with us. to request missionaries. I just have a feeling that she will someday become a member and know the gospel in her life.

I just want to finish, by saying today, that I know that this is the true gospel. IT HAS POWER,  The lord is preparing people on the left and right of us to hear this message, I saw it multiple times this week. I love you all, I hope you have a great week. Keep up the great work and service
Elder Hollingshead

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