Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hace Calor!

Well Hello everyone!

This week was alright, it was a struggle, as my companion put in his journal also in mine on Saturday, "we made it through the day..." it was rough. but that's just part of missionary work. some weeks just never go as planned. my companion was having a rough time yesterday and was getting pretty frustrated why everything was not going right, But I Told him , that there will always be days and weeks sometimes that will just feel like a failure. But I told him that its through these hard times, my testimony Grew, in different ways, and that we need to stop, look around, see what we could do better and then do those things. Anyways it wasn't a horrible week, just this weekend was pretty bad. IT has been super hot. I think the last 3 days its been right at 100 degrees. Oh and humid. All you Arizonans were getting flooded as we were melting, like mom said, the signs of the times. So unlike Arizona when the peak of the heat, is late July-August. here its mid-September. so I still have to suffer for another 2 weeks till it cools down. But anyways its nothing to hard to work with. So yeah, This weekend was stake conference.... As a member, stake conference is good, its different and we hear from different leaders. But... as a missionary, its hard. so the stake center is in downy, about a 25 min drive, Oh and its on this dinky little street that you can hardly find. So we got no investigators there, we couldn't hardly find a ride from members to get us there. it was frustrating. The conference was good, the stake president and president Weidman both spoke and it was great, and all the missionaries were invited the night before for the adult session, to talk about gospel conversations. so that was differnet. so that took up our saterday night from 5 on. We watched a video presentation from Elder Bednar on the uses of social media and what the church is doing to get into these sites. Basically he gave us some outlines of why we sould share our faith and then how we should do it. Also he talked about the easter video that was produced earlier this year, then the new Meet the Mormons movie that will come out right after conference. Anyways. good stuff, not that it applies to me right now, but it will someday.

Our investigators, well the work was slow so we couldn't meet with a lot of them.  so  we should be getting better lessons this week. the *** family is progressing pretty good. We brought the relief society president and she was perfect, she is a recent convert. about a year ago. and she was a great testifier of all the things the gospel has done for her family. Anyways it was good. but other than that nothing much has happened with them. we basically dropped katy, she never talks to us, and if she does its to change or cancel an appointment. we will stop by one more time to see and then decied from there, but it looks to me we probably wont teach her anymore. Then ** we could never find at her house this week so that ist frustration. But You just have to keep going and things will work out. My comp is great. he and I get along great and we get a lot done. SO yeah that's great. Other than that I think that is it for this week. Its great! I love being a missionary, every moment, even though sometimes its hard. I love you all, you are all in my thoughts and prayers often, and thanks for all your prayers in my behalf.

Have a great week!


Elder Hollingshead


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