Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Halfway through transfer ALREADY!

Halfway through transfer ALREADY!

yeah weird its been 3 weeks with Elder Earl. Its been a great week. some very slow days but a great week. So Everything been great though. Today is a little weird, I'm with 2 other elders (not my companions) whose companions all had to go to the mission office to take a driving test/interviews. and since there is not enough cars we had to do a 4 way split kind of thing... anyways so I'm just chilling out with these elders. its good time. So yeah the beginning of this week was pretty normal, Super hot, about 100 for 4 days straight, then its started to cool down. but its hot again today.  one of those super hot days we had nothing to do. so we literally walked for 3 hours during the afternoon. it was miserable, but we stopped and talked to these 2 ladies that were selling this stuff called respaldas( basically a slush with lots of syrup. and since it was super hot, I'd figure we'd buys some and chat with them for a little.  Then I went on exchanges and for some reason, I left the area and went with the zone leader. so Elder Earl said he would take care of everything. quite a task for a new missionary, who still doesn't know the area very well. anyways it was good, a super good learning experience for him. so that was fun, then Thursday we had a great lesson with *** family. they are super cool. we taught the plan of salvation and it was super great! SHE IS AWESOME! well the whole family but her especially. Then we set up a visitor center trip for Saturday and it HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!! even though that took a good 3 hours out of our day, it was probably the most useful successful hours. ** is her husbands name (and yes they are married :) he opened up a lot as we took the VC tour. the family part really hit him I think. because the family is super important for them both. The kids were all there and i think it kind of struck all their attention. then we talked a lot about the temple. and he had lots of ?s and we answered them and then at the end he asked "when can we go in?" I told him after his baptism and he seemed to understand the importance of baptism. IT was an amazing trip! they are defiantly going to be baptized and on top of that they came to church the next day. They only came for the first hour, but that was because their kids didn't eat breakfast, but she promised that they would all come the next week. so good stuff.

Also we visited ** 3 times this week! That's amazing, and one of them was with a member, it was super good, the member lives right behind him and is super willing to help out with anything for him, It was great, oh and funny thing, we found out that ** speaks fluent English... but it doesn't matter because he is trying to help us out with Spanish, :) I love him, he super cool, He hates this world, he cant wait to finish life so he can stop living in this" horrible world" those are his words, but overall he's super cool and loves to learn. But other than that our other investigators are just alright, Jesus is not progressing nor will he get married before this weekend, which means that his baptism will be after his hunting trip to Utah the first weekend of October. so hopefully he will progress after that, Elder Earl is super frustrated with him and wants to drop him, but I feel like hes ready, he just needs another spiritual boost to get him to do the final things. so we talked about going to the visitor center with him. he said it would be good, but after his trip. so everything should be good!
Well I love you all. I'm so thankful for all your prayers and support. I really do feel the power behind them. I know that miracles happen in this area because the Spirit of the lord is resting upon the people here in LA, and over the mission. We have seen so many miracles lately its so hard to tell them all. And its all because i think people realize that Jesus Christ is very important and people do really want to come closer to him. so yeah. I Love you all and keep up the great work!


Elder Hollingshead

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