Thursday, December 18, 2014

I'm tired of being Tired.....

*** Girls Baptism

So this week has been so tiring. I don't think I've been this tired in a long time. we have just been on the run for long time. everything we do seems to be in a rush. I haven't had any time to write in my journal. I come home plan and its already 10:15 so I go straight to bed. and then on top of that there was a lot of stress just so that people could get baptized where to begin. ..... so Tuesday the day after we switched comps. I got kicked out already and went on a trio exchange with other elders in the zone. I was the first time I have actually served in an English area my whole mission. it was weird. South central English people are weird. That or I have just got extremely used to Latin culture. its just crazy....yeah so then Wednesday. elder ceron had to get an ingrown toenail removed so that took like 2 hours then we came back and had to get a little better plan. then we contacted a few people then we had to go back out to Santa Monica and have a special MLC (missionary leadership council) with president and elder Baxter (quorum of the 70). that was good, we mostly talked about leadership and how it affects others and how we can become better leaders. it was good. quick but very powerful. then after we met with one of our investigators at the VC, he needed to get an interview with one of the mission presidency. so that happened and it took way to long but Darwin was all good to go and get baptized on Sunday. so that was all of Wednesday and we got back super late. Thursday we had a good day, but we had to take some time and go to the church building to set up some tables and chairs for the mission conference at our building on Friday. so we set it up and then had some good visits with people. I honestly cant remember the names.... its just been super stressful. but we did meet with the *** family. The 2 daughters had the baptismal date for this last Sunday. the mom is a less active and lets just say it was a pain in the neck and very frustrating to get them all excited for the baptism. the visit was very long and we finally got them ready for their baptism on Sunday. we set up the interview for then next day during the Christmas party. They came got the interview and everything was good they both passed. So on Friday we had 3 baptism ready to go! it was awesome.
Friday was also our zone conference. we had to get up early again to finish setting everything up with the assistants. long story short all the tables and chairs had to be taken down the night before because the building was being used without us knowing. but the conference went well. it was very long for us. we were at the church building almost all day. except for like an hour. Elder Baxter was really nice and very powerful. Honestly it wasn't much of a change meeting, but what was said was profound and very deep and it just strengthened my testimony and it just gave me a spiritual boost. I liked it. but Saturday, when we met with **, he told us that he couldn't get baptized. he told his mom and she said that is was too soon and he couldn't do that. we tried to get him over it, but he wouldn't change, and wouldn't ask his mom. so yeah, that was a bummer. but after the lesson we both though well even if he doesn't get baptized, we still have the ** girls that will get baptized. then we show up a little later and then they just went on and on and on.... they were all arguing and sad and mad at each other. basically every little thing that the hna was mad about made her think that the kids were not ready. so....that was a little lame... but we got them ready and they agreed to be baptized. so yeah they got baptized on Sunday. now that did involve coming over at 8 in the morning and getting them ready and not mad and telling them that they were ready over and over again. and they did get baptized. on top of that, the hot water was out on Sunday because of something that happened in the ward party, so it was cold water, so baptizing them was very cold and one of the girls had to get dunked 2 times.

 but yeah there are lots of other things that happened this week, but that's the important things. oh and we did get to go to the Visitor center yesterday and we watched a musical program and then walked around the gardens and I may be biased but mesa lights are so much better. but something super cool, I saw **! from last December that me and elder Marin baptized. He is still super strong and super solid. so I got his address and will hopefully write him soon. also I saw a bunch of other people from Inglewood 2nd ward. it was super fun! Its fun to see all these people from back then. so yeah I think that's it.

I love you all! Hope you are having a very Merry Christmas!

Elder Hollingshead

Our Trio


LA Temple Visitors Center Lights

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