Monday, December 8, 2014

Zone Leader ?????


This weekend has been fast and a rapid change. First things first, I'm a zone leader now..... as inexperienced and unqualified I am, I guess that's what the lord wants. I Switched to LA stake in LA6th ward. Its still Spanish! and I'm with another comp that's about to go home. he goes home in 10 days. and so ill be with Elder Ceron my other comp. I didn't move very far. just across the 110, and so its still very close to everything I know. but everything is going good. I got the call yesterday at 3 in the afternoon. President called and when he calls unexpected you know its business. so we did the switch today at 1 and then I will also be playing a song in the Christmas devotional, and so I went by and picked up the music. I guess the assistants just found out that I play piano, and so they have called me almost all of the last mission meetings to play hymns and so they also asked if I could play a song too. so yeah. then I've just been

But yeah an quick update on my old area. All the **** family will be going to the temple this Saturday with the ward. and then also ** will be going too. And then all the most sad part is that we got 0 investigators to church, lets just say it was a rough week. Tuesday it poured all day we were soaked, freezing cold and on top of that this week alone I have gotten 5 flat tires. It was very frustrating, but now I'm in car. and then Tuesday we went on exchanges and I went with a new elder, Elder Delgado (skinny). he's cool, but talks a lot and I couldn't keep the conversation on the gospel so most of our visits didn't get much done. it tried my patience, but we both learned from It. Wednesday it rained all day too, but it wasn't as cold so that was nice, but we were extremely tired of the rain. being on bike was miserable. but I guess that's what we signed up for. rain or shine to preach the gospel. as for our investigators, ** was doing good all week, but she didn't come to church. and also we watched the testaments with the ** family. it was super good. We kind of felt bad, we were about to go in and drop them because they are not progressing. but we were very surprised because they really wanted to come to church, but ** had to work until 6 in the morning and slept in too long. so the movie was good, and then we had to go, so hopefully it left a good spirit there and they want to learn more. As for elder earl, he is very sad. he is now in a trio with elder Dallimore and Delgado. They will be double covering the same area that I did 4 months ago. and it will be a blast.

As for everything else its going good. now its going to be a busy week for me. we have Missionary Leadership council on Wednesday, so that will be lots of training.  we have a general authority touring our mission this week, so we have MLC and then a all day zone conference with our zone and a couple others, with Elder Baxter. So yeah, December is just a busy month! I realized yesterday just how much I'm going to miss these people. we got to stop by for a little bit and visit with the *** family to say goodbye, and I was super sad, and they were too, but I have their address and number so I'll definatly call them and write them letters! I'm so glad I got the opportunity to teach them and help them enter the gospel. They are very strong, since their baptism they have been serving and sharing with many people. I've seen a big change in them.

Well I love you all! I hope you are all have a great Christmas season! I sure miss being at home, but it will be just as fun out here, btw mom can you forward me the Skype info again in the next couple of week so we can set that. up. Anyways I will always be praying over you! And jareds photo looks great! Sounds like its going to get busy here soon! so yeah

Love you all!

Elder Hollingshead

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