Monday, March 2, 2015



Happy Valentines day Everyone! even thought that was 2 days ago... But yeah so this week has been pretty crazy. First off.... Transfers..... Elder Ceron is leaving (1 area away) He is still going to be in the same ward with the same district leader, but in a  different area. So Im staying, My New Companion is going to be Elder Maughan, We were in the same MTC District back a year and a half ago.... wow time flys. Yeah so that is happening tommorow. basically Its going to be a great transfer. The only changes in the zone is that the 2 hollywood ward areas were merged into 1 huge area because they are not very productive areas. So yeah thats about it. President told us the mission is shrinking. 21 missionaryies are going home this transfer and 3 are coming in. so its going to be a big change. then yeah. What else Happenend. Oh yeah so we were the first generation of the 3rd Quarter training. Basically its a training about enduring to the end and finishing strong. it was a great training, Our Group of missionaries that is going home in august is HUGE I think its like around 30 or more. Lots of fun memories with them all. Then also The Bolithos GOT BAPTZIED!!!!!! it was amazing. it was a week with lots of cool things happening. and in the end they got baptized and everything went pretty smothly. The Interviews were a little last min. becasue they were on saterday night, but it ended up being just fine. There were actually 5 baptisms. **, **, *** ***** and then an 8 year old in the ward and another 20 year old in another area in the ward. So yeah. I love it all it makes me so happy.

Also this week me and my companion have been sick off and on. not super sick but just enought to make it miserable some days. Its funny because one night i came home and had a killer headache, then the next night i would be fine and my compnion would be super sick.... so its been a struggle, still have a little cough and sore throat in mornings but all is well other than that. Honestly in the 18 months out here ive never been so sick that i had to stay in. its a blessing. every once in a while food would make me sick, or i would get s fever sometimes, but it would always go away after like an hour or 2. but its all good. It got pretty warm here this week, but at night its the perfect temperature. It sure is nice around here this time of year.

This morning in my personal study, i was studying chapter 2 of PMG, so it talks about studies and how to make them more effective. There were 2 words it used to describe a good study, Desire and Action. kindof like faith right? But Its so true, sometimes we feel like as long as we read the scriptures, God is going to tell us the answer without studying, or as long as we pray and try to focus We will be Taught Great and marvilous things. but its not like that.... First We have to desire, if there is no desire then we are just reading another "good book". But if we have the desire to Search from the Best, namly the Book of Mormon the "most correct book on the whole earth" we will then be nourished spiritually not just mentally. Then if we have good desires and motives for reading the books that bring Eternal life, we have to put some effort, and actions to actually get out of them what God wants us to learn. Ive seen this in my mision alot! Me, sometimes im so tired, that i dont really study, yet i feel and kindof expect God to teach me something still. Im not saying to doesnt happen like that, but its a lot less likely. BUT!, when i put a little more effort in to studying and taking notes searching other scriptures, personal and companionship study literally become "a whole new world" (just had to put some disney in there) So i hope we can all find a few ways to improve our studies.

I love you all! I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Hollingshead

ps. I would send you some photos, but i forgot my cable to send them so... maybe next week! :p

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