Sunday, March 29, 2015

"Mini" Missionary

Well this week was interesting. we had some pretty fun crazy time. we went on 2 exchanges and it went well. both of them were with trios because there are now 2 of them in the zone. So I went with 2 of the elders in Hollywood and it was fun. they had a super cool couple that got baptized super fast and they are so cool and I feel like he was teaching us, he really just was ready to have the gospel in his life. we literally taught The commandments and laws and ordinances in about 70 min. it was a little crazy but it was needed to be done. Then the rest of the night up there was just crazy, they had their LA English class and then coordination meeting. then we had someone from the mission office call us to see if we could help him that night unload a apartment  and put the furniture into the truck. so we went over for about 45 min and carried couches and mattress and drawers down for him. Then the next day we met with ** and **, ** ***'s kids. They are 17 and 21 and are somewhat interested and so we taught them and set baptismal dates with them. It sounds like they are super ready, but ** is a little shy and doesn't like to talk to us a ton. so that's a problem, but nothing we haven't dealt with before. We also met with this guy named **. he came to church last week and seemed super cool. but the lesson went horribly he's a mix between catholic and Christian. which doesn't really make sense. He doesn't like to listen to us. and so it made the lesson super rough.


We haven't had any contact with ** and **. they seem to have lost interest. and they just don't want to meet with us. Were pretty bummed out about that. Then on Friday we got a mini missionary! so each of the stakes select a weekend in the year for the youth of the stake to stay with full time missionaries for a weekend. So we got this Tongan youth named ****. Yes that's a Spanish name (his grandpa is from el Salvador) but he's Tongan. Its weird, but he was super cool. He wasn't so much a "mini" missionary seeing that he was bigger than both of us combined! not really but he was tall and big. Funny thing is that he's going to go to USC and it was right in our area. So he got to see the ghetto side of USC. Then yeah, he didn't speak Spanish so he was a little lost the whole time. but he did have fun. so that took some time out of the area. But yeah we had a fun weekend. Then this week we are going to have 2 special MLC's one for the new video the church is coming out with. and its about easter. so its going to be just like he is the gift. then on Friday. a 70 that overlooks lots of southern CA missions is going to be in visiting the area so we are going to have a council with him for 3 hours on Friday. its going to be Awesome! were excited. and then this sunday is transfer call! so Lets hope I stay for one more! I really hope I do. but I know that saying that is just going to curse me and then im going to go.... so were just going to have to see!

But yeah, we did get to go to the temple this last week. and I just love the temple! its such a spiritual place! sometimes when missionary life gets busy and we don't have too much time. I always forget to remember the little tender mercies that happen through out the day. One of the things i'm starting to do as of right now is to write in my journal (because its usually ever other or 3 days) I know that's horrible. But at the end of each entry to write down a tender mercy, or a cool story/spiritual experience because I think when we notice them then give thanks and keep them sacred we remember the lord more and how this is his work and everything is from him. So yeah That's my little note today! I love you all and hope you have a great week!


Elder Hollingshead


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