Monday, March 2, 2015

Singing in the Rain!

Well not actually singing in the rain, but it did rain and I did get to sing this morning.  it was weird... and awesomely fun! I miss choir so bad. but its ok. Fun story though,  one of the missionaries in the choir is from phoenix and he actually was in Allstate our last year and was in the same choir as me. It was that awkward moment when you probably met someone before, but never realized it until like 2 years later. But yeah he's super cool.  Then also it rained a lot last night and made LA super cold. So hopefully it warms back up a little bit :0 I'm going to die when I get back to AZ...

Something Super cool! so our zone was selected to try out a new Book of Mormon Contacting. So there is a Member in the Palos verdes stake that was a mission president in the Finland mission and got home the end of last summer. He is So cool and he had this super cool way to contact with the book of Mormon that completely changed their mission. That mission was have very little success and by the end there were so many changes that it make the whole mission super cool! So In Chapter 5 of PMG there is a list of Questions that the book of Mormon answers. They are called the "questions of the soul". so what we do is take that list and make a copy and put it in the front and then have people select one question and then give them a book of Mormon to read and answer their own question. But yeah. so we have been trying it out in our area. its alright. so we are the test group and we need to give a presentation tomorrow at MLC,  so that will be fun. So that is our fun new thing this week.

But yeah so we set 2 new baptismal dates, and they both seem super solid new investigators. ***. he's super great, has had lots of dates and missionaries teaching him before, but he recently got cancer and he was told before one of the surgeries, he might not live and he realized he was never baptized so he wants to get baptized now and he really seems more into it and not just a one time thing, he wants to live the gospel. He's really great and he came to church! and then we met with this lady named *** she is super cool and actually is looking for a church, she got baptized like 6 months ago, but after that the church moved locations and it is super far so she stopped going and started to not like some of the things the pastor was teaching, but then she saw us and wanted to talk and so we talked about the restoration and committed her to be baptized and she sounds like she really wants to come to church. Its so Great! so that's what's new. Hopefully we continue to find new investigators with this new contacting strategy.

This week its been hard sometimes. I feel like there are so many things that have change about me, but the more changes that happen, the more I realize that there are so many other things I need to change and it kind of gets overwhelming.  So now it just a thing to put those things on a list and make a good plan to study and work on each an every one of these goals. I hope that it will make a great finish to an awesome Mission. But those 5 or so months are going to go by fast so its now to work on and make it all better.
I love you all! I hope it all goes well this week and get some of that cold weather we got :)

Have a great week!

Elder Hollingshead

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